Amica Insurance Digitally Transforms Claims Handling with IBM MobileFirst for iOS

Amica’s field adjusters adopting innovative mobile tools to enhance customer experience

Armonk, NY (July 29, 2016) – Amica Insurance, the oldest mutual insurer of automobiles in the United States, has announced it is teaming with IBM (NYSE: IBM) to digitally transform the way Amica’s field adjusters investigate, manage and settle claims using IBM MobileFirst for iOS Claims Adjust. Amica is equipping over 170 adjusters with iPad Pro and iPhone 6 loaded with Claims Adjust, providing secure, immediate access to individual claims data anywhere in the field. It will allow them to gain instant insight on claims and process their work directly from the field, decreasing cycle time and improving the overall customer experience.

Amica collaborated with IBM to develop Claims Adjust and will be the first U.S. insurer to deploy the application, specifically tailoring it to meet the everyday needs of its field adjusters. Previously, when adjusters received a new assignment and were preparing to go out in the field, they would often write down details from their files or email themselves information so they could have it on the go. With Claims Adjust, Amica’s field adjusters are free of these manual, paper-based processes and have all the information they need in the palm of their hands. They can also add information to their files while out in the field.

“This process wasn’t just about taking all the data from our different internal systems and making it available to adjusters on a mobile device. It was about starting with our field adjusters and observing their daily work – to uncover opportunities to improve their productivity by taking advantage of the latest and greatest in mobile technology, ” said Adam Kostecki, claims officer in Amica’s claims executive department and a member of the enterprise innovation team. “We’ve been amazed at how quickly we were able to work with IBM and Apple to design and build a functioning, integrated app.”

Leveraging native capabilities of the iPad and iPhone – such as the camera, voice recorder and calendar functions – adjusters can address an array of daily activities while mobile, from scheduling to uploading claim documentation directly to their internal systems. The app also helps monitor, prioritize and manage their backlog of claim files and activities.

“IBM and Apple have exceeded expectations at every opportunity and every checkpoint in this process,” said Larry Brown, claims innovation manager in Amica’s claims executive department.

Amica anticipates the new app will help increase engagement among field adjusters and help attract and retain new adjusters, especially millennials who are accustomed to the latest technology and accessing information instantly.

“Amica is an example of digital transformation in action, empowering employees to work in ways not previously possible,” said Mahmoud Naghshineh, general manager, Apple partnership, IBM. “Enabling Amica’s field adjusters with mobile access to tools and information will allow them to spend less time preparing and resolving claims so they can enhance engagement with customers and improve their experience. We’ve seen repeatedly that IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps not only help companies boost customer service, but are also a powerful tool to attract and retain top-tier talent.”

For more information regarding IBM MobileFirst for iOS solutions, please visit IBM’s MobileFirst for iOS or Apple’s iPad and Business.

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Source: Amica Corporate Communications