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Enhancing Digital With Psychology? The Doctor Can Help!

You are designing a website which will provide quotes on a great new product suite.  In addition to insurance coverage, this site must link to related products and services that will engage the customer. You’re confident in your technical skills, but how do you make it engaging? Perhaps you need a doctor.

Why do I need a doctor?

As good as the tools are today, competition is increasing. Companies such as yours are looking for unique, sustainable advantages from their digital presence.

We all know that customer experience is crucial to attracting and retaining customers.  On the technology side, there are techniques to make web sites and apps effective and efficient. These products combine powerful back-end data and algorithms to direct the user with attractive, simplified user interfaces.

This helps consumers get to the right product and helps the supplier decrease impediments to buying.

What they don’t do is provide the additional incentive to making the purchase decision. That’s where a digital doctor can help.

Who is this doctor and what does he do?

After Brian Cugleman completed his masters in Business and Computer Studies, he went on to take a PhD in Online Social Marketing in 2010. With that in hand, Cugleman took his skills and created a business, AlterSpark, which helps his clients help their customers get to “Yes.”

Working with organizations including Salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle, Oxfam, Government of Canada, and others, Cuglemean and his associates undertake consultations and lead training sessions to teach attendees “to build online products that are more motivating, usable, and persuasive, by harnessing digital psychology” (per one course description).

What does this have to do with insurance?

For a while now, Cugleman has been working with Kanetix, a leading aggregator in the US and Canadian insurance industries.  A key element for Kanetix is to minimize the time a consumer has to spend entering data and provide actionable information to help make decisions quickly. Adding the advice of AlterSpark is intended to improve the conversion rate.

Is this available to insurers?

It is. And for a preview, plan to attend the 2016 Executive Forum (#ICXF2016). Cugleman and Kanetix COO Andrew Lo will provide information in their session, “Digital Psychology: Evoking Emotion to Sell Insurance.” We hope you can join us … The doctor will be in!


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Ian Totman

The description as shown here seems fine, but one of the lines in the session that was linked to above has a possible concern. It notes that this session will show “…how your organization can use incentives and risk-aversion techniques…”. But in the sale of insurance I think we need to be careful not to cross the line of utmost good faith and therefore not to prey on, say, risk-aversion psychological traits. We need to make sure it is the right product, not just a ‘good’ product that we can get the public to buy.

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