Buying travel insurance just got easier with seven simple questions from RBC Insurance

Long, complicated travel medical questionnaires are taking a permanent holiday!

Toronto, ON (June 22, 2016) – You’ve booked your vacation: the last thing you want to do is spend time answering endless, complicated questions about your medical history and current health status. RBC Insurance is excited to announce those days are taking a permanent vacation, thanks to its groundbreaking, simplified, seven-question Travel Medical insurance applications for those 65 years of age and over.

Over-60s enjoy break from medical questionnaires until they hit 65

Starting in July, RBC Insurance’s unique self-serve system will make it easier and faster to complete our travel medical questionnaire. For a start, the questionnaire is now only required for people aged 65 and over (previously 60) and it has also been dramatically simplified to make it easier to complete – meaning our customers can spend more time focusing on their holiday and less time filling in forms. Fewer questions, simple language – all part of RBC Insurance’s commitment to innovation and being an industry leader in simplified products.

Seven questions

RBC Insurance’s new Simplified Medical Questionnaire consists of seven, simple to answer questions (depending on customer response, four additional questions could be added for a maximum of 11 questions) – down from 51 questions in the previous questionnaire.

“When we spoke with our customers to find out what they wanted in a travel medical questionnaire, the number one request was to simplify the language, reduce the number of questions and make it an easier process,” said Anita Mukherjee, head of Travel, RBC Insurance. “Our new seven question Simplified Medical Questionnaire puts customers first, by making sure they understand and purchase the right type of coverage for their travel needs. It’s truly groundbreaking for the industry.”

Out with the old, in with the new

The simplified process will be music to the ears of our policyholders who will now find it easier and faster than ever to book their travel medical insurance.

Policies bound on or after the July launch will be eligible for the new Simplified Medical Questionnaire and rate. The Simplified Medical Questionnaire is only available through RBC Insurance. Customers can buy travel insurance online, at an RBC Insurance store or by calling our travel advice centre.

Keeping it simple and in the family

RBC Insurance has been working for a number of years to simplify our insurance products. For instance, we recently launched our new simplified Term Life Insurance products (RBC Simplified Term Life Insurance), as well as our disability products (RBC Simplified Disability Insurance).

“The changes to our Simplified Medical Questionnaire are just part of how we’re simplifying our family of insurance products,” said Mukherjee. “Our customers tell us that they believe applying for insurance products is becoming increasingly complicated and so we’re constantly looking for new ways to make their lives simpler.”

 Innovative changes to RBC Travel Insurance Simplified Medical Questionnaire

Innovative changes to RBC Travel Insurance Simplified Medical Questionnaire.

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Source: RBC Corporate Communications

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