Going Digital: The Future of Insurance

Letterkenny, Ireland (June 14, 2016) – With the progression of time, businesses are increasingly turning to digital platforms through which to run their operations. Consumers can go online to do their grocery shopping, buy event tickets, book holidays and manage their banking.

One industry which has been rather slow to embrace the world of digital, though, is insurance. A whopping 57% of insurance companies do not facilitate digital with their current operating models, which is staggering in this tech-driven age. Recent research reveals that companies who embrace digital adoption see a five times greater impact on growth than those who “resist going digital.”

The infographic below outlines the challenges facing the insurance industry if, as a whole, it continues to be untypically resistant to adopting digital.

The infographic also suggests a number of actions that insurance companies can take in order to reap the full benefits of going digital, not least the inescapable truth that consumers increasingly want to interact with businesses whenever, wherever and however they please.

It is no mystery that companies who give customers what they want will be rewarded with a positive brand image and consequently an increase in market share and profitability. Check out the infographic from Top Quote for more details.

Going Digital: The Future of Insurance

The “Going Digital: The Future of Insurance” infographic looks at current trends in the insurance industry and how the digital revolution will affect insurers. View at original resolution. (Top Quote)

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