Keal Rating Gets Big Thumbs Up

Toronto, ON (June 2, 2016) – Keal brokers now have an additional choice when it comes to traditional rating software. Keal Rating, powered by Intelliquote, has opened the door to efficient, real-time quoting direct from the insurer into the SIG broker management system (BMS).

Keal Rating offers both Home and Auto policy rating in all common law provinces and eliminates double entry to make the quoting process extremely efficient. When combined with Keal’s home evaluation option, brokers have access to real-time information allowing them to have an intelligent conversation with their insurers and prospects.

The direction Keal has taken with their direct rating product, using web calls to capture rates directly from insurers, is a paradigm shift. Our brokers will benefit by getting accurate and guaranteed quotes all the time. Brokers will be able to upload 100% of the data from SIG to the rating solution, eliminating any double entry.

Bill Redford, Director of Development at Keal, says, “We have listened to our brokers and acted on their demands for accurate, timely quotes and are adapting these enhancements to our Consumer Access Portals and Mobility offerings.”

Louise King, Chief Operating Officer at McLeod Lorway, added, “We have been testing Keal’s Rating Solutions and are finding it extremely easy to use, the integration is the best we have seen so far and the accuracy is there with our insurer partners.”

Direct Rating is available now in SIG version 2016.01. Keal is actively rolling it out across Canada starting with the Atlantic Provinces.

About Keal

Keal Technology is the expert in Canadian broker innovation and a leader in the BMS (Broker Management Systems) and CMS (Commercial Management Systems) marketplace for insurance and financial services brokers. They offer an integrated suite of products designed to increase revenue through efficient use of technology. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Keal Technology