Changes in Accident Benefits to impact all Ontarians

Sweeping changes will take effect June 1st

Toronto, ON (May 25, 2016) – Starting June 1, 2016 there will be significant changes to accident benefits that will affect people who are injured in motor vehicle accidents. This affects every driver in Ontario as well as injured parties and their families.

The limits for medical/rehabilitation benefits and attendant care benefits for both catastrophic and non-catastrophic injuries are being severely reduced. In addition, there are changes to the definition of Catastrophic Impairment which will dramatically reduce the number of injured people whose injuries will qualify as being a catastrophic impairment. There are also reductions in the duration of benefits to non-working individuals (capped at 2 years as opposed to lifetime benefits under the current legislation).

For Non-Catastrophic injuries, the previous $50,000 for medical/rehabilitation benefits and $36,000 for attendant care benefits has been reduced to a combined limit of $65,000 for both categories. For Catastrophic injuries, the previous $1,000,000 for medical/rehabilitation benefits and $1,000,000 for attendant care benefits have been reduced to a combined limit of $1,000,000.

According to Leonard Kunka of Thomson, Rogers, “Once an accident occurs it is too late to make changes to your insurance coverage to increase the benefits payable to the injured party. Changes to your insurance policy to protect you in the event of an accident must be made now or at the time your policy is being renewed.” Kunka adds, “People need to seriously consider buying optional accident benefits coverage, which provides additional levels of protection for people injured in a motor vehicle accident.”

“The benefits are dramatically reduced for catastrophically injured individuals, who are the people most in need of these benefits following an accident,” says Wendy Moore Mandel of Thomson, Rogers, “The effect of these changes will have impact not only on people injured in car accidents, but upon their families, and the entire health care system.”

Leonard Kunka and Wendy Moore Mandel, both partners at Thomson, Rogers, are available to comment on the changes to the accident benefits and its impact on drivers and injured parties.

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