Westminster Mutual goes live in the cloud with technology partners MCCG and iVedha

Belmont, ON (May 10, 2016) – On December 5, 2015, Westminster Mutual Insurance Company implemented a cloud-based solution for their complete business operations. Westminster has successfully ‘cutover’ with the assistance of their technology partners in this project, MCCG and iVedha. Working together, MCCG and iVedha relocated Westminster’s entire IT environment onto iVedha’s cloud infrastructure platform, including their Insurance Business Solution (IBS®).

This has resulted in a wealth of benefits, including:

  • Fully managed and monitored environment:
    • IT infrastructure and enterprise software;
    • Email services;
    • Systems backup;
    • Office equipment and workstations procurement and support;
  • Highly secure with Canadian data residency;
  • With technology concerns moved to a skilled professional organization, the mutuals are freed up to focus on their core business of insurance;
  • Overall improved enterprise risk management on infrastructure technology.

“We are very impressed with iVedha’s service and attention to detail and knowing that our longstanding trusted service provider, MCCG, was a key partner in the project also added to our peace of mind,” said Christine VanDaele, President & CEO of Westminster Mutual Insurance Company. “Removing the headaches of infrastructure and the 3-4 year treadmill of replacement, as well as improved levels of redundancy, means our team at Westminster can focus on what really matters, our policyholders, brokers, and agents. This has resulted in improvements to our data backup, reduced cyber risk, improved our disaster recovery capabilities, and has removed the need for my own team to be involved in these key areas, while reducing the level of enterprise risk associated to them.”

“It has also simplified our whole approach to working remotely,” added VanDaele, “which is adding immediate benefits for our team, and will add future benefits for our broker partners.”

“MCCG is very pleased to see Westminster, another member of our community, successfully transition to the cloud with our partner iVedha,” said Frank Barretto, President & CEO of Mutual Concept Computer Group Inc. “The synergy between our teams ensured that this project was completed within budget for the Westminster team. We believe the speed to market and fullness of solution will make this a very attractive offering for our whole community as it effectively removes infrastructure technology from the Board’s Enterprise Risk Management discussions and removes the burden from the insurer’s team. It will also allow Westminster and MCCG to focus on business related solutions that will drive further value to their policyholders, brokers and agents.”

“iVedha is proud to have been selected as MCCG’s technology partner in the creation and delivery of a fully managed cloud hosting solution specifically tailored to meet the needs of mutual insurance companies across Canada,” said Kumar Ratnam, President & CEO of iVedha. “We are especially proud to have successfully deployed this solution for Westminster Mutual Insurance Company, allowing them to accrue significant advantages inherent in the solution.

About Westminster Mutual Insurance Company

Westminster Mutual Insurance Company, located in Belmont, Ontario, has been committed to providing great service to its policyholders, agents and broker partners since 1857 in their local community. Being the second oldest Mutual Insurance Company in Ontario, Westminster has a long standing history of finding innovative solutions that benefit their community. Westminster continues to offer a wide range of property, automobile, and liability insurance products by keeping current on business and technology trends. Westminster is proud to be one member of a financially secure family of over 40 mutual companies that is among the strongest in the industry. For more information visit www.westminstermutual.com.

About iVedha Inc.

Established in 2001, iVedha Inc. is a leading information technology services provider and solutions integrator. iVedha delivers premier fully managed, highly secure cloud services to small, medium and large enterprises including the financial sector, the public sector and to Telcos and Cablecos. iVedha’s cloud enablement technology facilitates end-to-end cloud provisioning and orchestration driving greater efficiencies for people, process and technology. Its client-centric approach to delivery of managed cloud services drives greater efficiencies in iVedha’s Canadian data centers, infrastructure and organizational processes resulting in reduced operating costs and increased competitive edge for its clients, while maintaining data residency within Canadian borders. iVedha is an ISO certified organization with its Design, Development and QA processes based on well-defined and mature quality processes according to the ISO 9001:2008 standards. For more information visit www.ivedha.com.

About MCCG

MCCG is an innovative software provider who has a fully integrated insurance back office solution (IBS) successfully implemented in twenty nine Mutual Insurance Companies across Canada. MCCG has a proven track record that can be attributed to a focus on client requirements and product quality. Established in 1993, MCCG is wholly owned by Canadian Mutual Insurance Companies with the mission of providing comprehensive and flexible solutions for its clients. For more information, visit www.mccg.net.

Source: MCCG

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