Aviva Canada has developed an insurance solution for Quebec ride-sharing drivers

In the event the Quebec government regulates ride-sharing, count on coverage from Aviva

Montreal, QC (May 4, 2016) – Responding to the growing trend of ride-sharing services and the need to protect both passengers and drivers, Aviva Canada one of the country’s leading providers of home, automobile, leisure/lifestyle and business insurance � is pleased to have developed an affordable and convenient insurance product that would bridge the insurance gap in Quebec, if the government decides to allow ride-sharing programs. Unlike carpooling, ride-sharing drivers and passengers are not covered by their personal automobile insurance policy in case of a claim.

Earlier this year, Aviva Canada made ride-sharing insurance coverage available in the province of Ontario and filed for regulatory approval in Alberta.

“We have developed a simple and affordable product designed for Quebec drivers and passengers that will give them absolute peace of mind while ride-sharing, if the government goes ahead with a dual regulation regime and pending regulatory approval,” said Martin-Eric Tremblay, Senior Vice President for Quebec and Atlantic Canada for Aviva Canada. “We’re thrilled to be providing innovative insurance solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of Quebec consumers.”

The coverage is independent of ride-sharing facilitators and is a simple addition to an Aviva-insured personal auto policy. It would become available for Quebec drivers with the required approval of the Autorit� des march�s financiers (AMF). Ride-sharing drivers (such as those contracted with UberX and the like) will be protected from the moment they initiate looking for passengers through to collecting and dropping off those passengers. Eligibility for coverage will be based on some simple underwriting criteria (e.g., maximum of eight passengers, licensed for a minimum of six years, no other commercial use, etc.).

This coverage will be available for drivers that spend up to 20 hours a week participating in ride-sharing. The cost for the additional coverage will be calculated using factors such as time spent ride-sharing, area driven and driving record.

To be clear, Aviva Canada does not endorse Uber, or any other specific ride-sharing program. Aviva takes no position on the regulatory or public policy questions raised by ride-sharing, which are best left to elected government officials. It is Aviva’s view that regulation needs to work for consumers and respect the need to evolve in their best interests as innovation brings the need for new products. As an industry leader, Aviva Canada will continue to proactively address gaps in insurance coverage that potentially leaves ride-sharing drivers and passengers without appropriate protection and benefits in Quebec.

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SOURCE: Aviva Canada Inc.