ICBC’s Road Improvement Projects Lead To Reduction In Severe Crashes

Vancouver, BC (Apr. 21, 2016) – ICBC’s partnership in road improvement projects has led to a 24 per cent reduction, on average, in severe crashes (those resulting in serious injuries and fatalities) and a 15 per cent reduction in property damage claims after an improvement is completed, according to a recent evaluation report.

The evaluation was conducted by Dr. Tarek Sayed and Dr. Emanuele Sacchi and analyzed crash data at 111 locations, three years before and after the road improvement projects were completed.

While the cost and frequency of injury claims continue to increase in B.C., the road improvement program is showing positive results in reducing injuries and crashes at targeted locations.

In 2015 alone, ICBC invested $7.9 million in 400 projects and studies across B.C. – 113 of which focused on pedestrian and cyclist safety improvements.

ICBC’s road improvement program also received the 2015 Decade of Action Road Safety Award from the Transportation Association of Canada, which recognizes Canadian road safety contributions which stand out as forward-thinking and/or providing leadership in one or more of the five areas of the United Nations ‘Decade of Action for Road Safety’.

ICBC’s successful partnerships on road improvement projects with municipalities, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and other partners, have led to award-winning road projects and contributions which have made B.C. communities safer and advanced the knowledge of the road safety engineering industry across Canada.

“We’ve been working together with ICBC and local governments on road improvement projects for two-and-a-half decades,” said Todd Stone, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure. “These projects have brought immediate benefits for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians in communities across B.C. The evaluation results are evidence that the road improvement program is working.”

“Drivers make errors for a large number of reasons, and in a complex road system many things can go wrong,” said Mike Morris, Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General. “ICBC’s road improvement program ensures that good road design helps drivers avoid mistakes. Better and safer infrastructure helps to reduce injuries when crashes happen, bringing us closer to our goal of having the safest roads in North America by 2020.”

“Since 1990, we’ve invested more than $138 million in road improvement projects and studies across B.C. to help reduce death and injury on our roads,” said Mark Blucher, ICBC’s president and CEO. “While the findings of this evaluation are very encouraging, rising claims costs continue to put substantial pressure on customers’ insurance rates.”

The road improvement program is one aspect of ICBC’s commitment to help make B.C. roads safer. ICBC’s road safety investments focus on the systemic causes of crashes – drivers, roads and vehicles – and support programs that are proven to prevent crashes and help keep everyone safer.

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