EquiSoft Enhances WealthElements Suite With New Client Portal Module

Waterloo, ON (Apr. 19, 2016) – EquiSoft, a leader in the design and development of digital business solutions for the wealth, insurance and publishing industries, today announced the addition of a Client Portal Module to its WealthElements™ suite of tools designed to help financial advisors create industry-leading wealth management plans and proposals for their clients and prospects.

This new Client Portal Module of WealthElements is an online, mobile-friendly, investor-facing platform designed to automate many of the time-consuming prospecting, onboarding and servicing tasks usually performed by financial advisors or their support staff.

This new module will support advisors with client or prospect data capture (e.g. contact information, assets and liabilities, incomes and expenses), investor profiling, investment portfolio selection, completion of account opening and transfer forms, electronic signatures, account access and simple financial planning and insurance planning. It will also allow seamless transition from automated service to full advisor service (and vice versa) when warranted.

“Our objective in developing a Client Portal Module for WealthElements was to help advisors improve their operational efficiency and leverage new ‘Robo’ technologies to grow their businesses”, said Jonathan Georges, Vice President, Wealth Management Solutions at EquiSoft. “With the new Client Portal, not only can advisors become more efficient, but they also have the opportunity to position their businesses for future growth by attracting and retaining ‘Millennial’ clients – a demographic that is projected to inherit trillions of dollars in the coming years.”

Currently in the Beta phase of development, WealthElements – Client Portal Module is scheduled for release in its first advisor network during the summer of 2016, followed by a broader release scheduled for the fall of 2016.

EquiSoft also announced the release of its second White Paper addressing the key issues challenging the Canadian retail investment industry, Invasion of the Robo-Advisor: Is the Threat Real?. This document takes a closer look at the Robo-Advisor phenomenon and outlines the key threats and opportunities these upstarts pose for the traditional dealer and advisor.

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About EquiSoft

Founded in 1994, EquiSoft specializes in the design and development of digital business solutions for the wealth management, insurance and publishing industries. With a growing team of over 200 professionals, EquiSoft has offices in Canada, the United States, Latin America and South Africa. For more information, visit www.equisoft.com.

SOURCE: EquiSoft