TmaxSoft Launches Tibero Database Management System in Canada

Satya Sarangi Appointed CEO and President

Toronto, ON (Apr. 6, 2016) – TmaxSoft Inc. has announced that Tibero 6, the latest release of its innovative relational database management system, is now available to Canadian customers. This announcement follows the company’s recent entry into the Canadian market.

Tibero is a secure, fully compliant SQL RDBMS that scales easily and conforms to today’s cost optimized cloud architectures and is compatible with all current database products including Oracle, Microsoft SQL and IBM DB2. It provides a wider range of operating platform support, such as Linux and Windows on x86, AIX on PPC and Solaris on SPARC. It supports an efficient architecture, guarantees compatibility without modifying applications and introducing potential errors as well as providing a robust security model. The database enables economical use of system resources and provides an enterprise class database system with high performance and high availability.

“Tibero allows companies of all sizes to develop an efficient IT environment through innovative technologies, for half the cost of their current database providers” says Satya Sarangi, CEO and President at TmaxSoft Canada Inc. “Tibero operates on industry leading virtualization software such as VMware, and can be operated with most of the major cloud providers.”

Tibero is an innovative architecture that can integrate an existing database without modifying existing applications, thus offering maximum efficiency. It was developed to meet the demand for massive data processing, and designed for enterprise operating environments such as the Financial Services, Retail, Telecommunications, Energy and Government sectors. TmaxSoft’s Tibero is one of the few enterprise database vendors that offers a full range of reliability modes: active-active, active-standby, and clustering standby modes. The product’s clustering is architecturally similar to Oracle’s and provides easy transitioning.

“We are incredibly excited to add Tibero RDBMS to our portfolio of industry leading IT infrastructure solutions” says Justin Karabegovic, President of node corp. and one of TmaxSoft’s Canadian business partners. “This Tier 1 database platform provides what we believe to be the closest thing to a drop in replacement for Oracle, with greater flexibility, and at a lower cost. Tibero natively supports the majority of Oracle database functions, allowing DBAs to leverage their existing knowledge-base with minimal transition time. Anyone operating Oracle in their environment should explore Tibero as a compatible, flexible, lower-cost option.”

“We’ve already seen nearly 150 customers replace Oracle with Tibero to run their applications,” adds Satya Sarangi, CEO and President at TmaxSoft Canada Inc. “Our commercial flexibility is designed to allow customers to do what’s right for their business so that we can be part of their success. We see virtualization with Tibero RDBMS as an essential tool that end users and ISVs should be able to fully exploit without enormous financial penalty. We strive to offer our customers compliant virtualization deployment and flexibility that won’t be found elsewhere.”

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About TmaxSoft

TmaxSoft (TMS), a multinational software provider headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, specializes in mission critical enterprise infrastructure software solutions. Since its founding in 1997, TmaxSoft has successfully delivered improved IT performance to enterprise and governmental customers. With twelve country headquarters in Europe, Asia, India, and the Americas, TmaxSoft serves a growing global marketplace interested in highly compatible, alternative infrastructure technologies that can scale to the needs of tomorrow. TmaxSoft’s products provide the quality, security and performance demanded by both traditional and private/hybrid cloud architectures. TmaxSoft OpenFrame, a mainframe modernization solution, provides mainframe rehosting of single-tier mainframe applications on cloud-ready, multitier x86 architectures running Linux; TMS’s powerful flagship middleware product JEUS is deployed on almost half of all web servers in South Korea; and TIBERO, TmaxSoft’s enterprise SQL database, provides the scalability necessary for growing enterprise data requirements. TmaxSoft’s long-standing commitment to IT infrastructure innovation has resulted in innovative options to move and modernize all data to the cloud for use in applications as well as data analysis.

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This article was originally published on Mar. 1, 2016.

Source: TmaxSoft