Allstate Canada Launches Usage-Based Insurance Program in Alberta

First telematics program of its kind to launch in the province offers safe drivers up to 30 per cent off insurance premiums

Calgary, AB (Apr. 6, 2016) – Allstate Insurance Company of Canada is pleased to announce the launch of Drivewise®, a Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) offering in the province of Alberta. Drivewise® is the first UBI program available to drivers in the province following approval from the Superintendent of Insurance for the introduction of Usage-Based Insurance programs for private passenger vehicles in Alberta beginning April 1, 2016.

Allstate created Drivewise® to put more power in the hands of drivers and to reward those who exhibit safe driving behaviours with lower auto insurance premiums. Using a small wireless telematics device easily installed within a vehicle, Drivewise® captures and analyzes data on how a vehicle is driven and it offers discounts for safe driving habits. Data measured includes time of day and number of kilometers driven, as well as speed and braking habits.

“Participating in the Drivewise® program gives our customers the opportunity to have greater control over their auto insurance premiums by providing them with the chance to demonstrate how safely they drive,” says Ryan Michel, President and CEO of Allstate Insurance of Canada. “Drivewise® is a personalized program for the modern driver that allows users to monitor their driving habits through our online portal and could help them learn to adopt safer practices behind the wheel.”

Once drivers are enrolled in the program and the device is installed, their driving will be monitored for a six-month period, after which the data collected will determine the earned discount (up to 30 per cent) that will be applied at renewal.

“Drivewise® is designed so that a customer’s premium will go down if they are shown to be a safe driver, and if a Drivewise® customer doesn’t qualify for a discount, their premium won’t increase as a result of participating in the program,” says Michel. “Though Usage-Based Insurance is still relatively new in Canada, we feel these programs can help improve driving habits and make roads safer while reducing insurance costs.”

Questions for Albertans to consider

For Albertans who may be wondering if a UBI program is right for them, Allstate Canada recommends considering the following questions:

  • Are you a safe driver? Do you gradually accelerate and decelerate, leaving plenty of time for stop signs and red lights? Do you avoid excessive speed? If you’re safe driver, participating in a UBI program may help you qualify for a discount on your rates.
  • Are you a frequent driver? Do you tend to drive occasionally, rather than frequently? If you drive less, you may be eligible for reduced premiums.
  • Do you tend to drive during safer hours? For instance, are you more likely to drive between 5:00am and 11:00pm? These hours are associated with a lower level of risk on the road, compared to very early morning hours when accidents are more frequent.

For more information on Drivewise®, visit For more information on UBI and the qualities of good candidates, please visit the GOOD HANDS® blog.

About Allstate Insurance Company of Canada

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Source: Allstate Insurance Company of Canada