#BuckleUp Saskatchewan: Police watching for unrestrained motorists in March

Occupant safety is the province-wide traffic safety spotlight for the month of March.

Regina, SK (Mar. 3, 2016) – Police across the province will be looking for people not wearing a seatbelt, wearing it improperly, or not having children properly secured (based on the child’s age, height and weight) in the vehicle.

In 2014 in Saskatchewan, 23 people died and 185 were injured because they weren’t properly restrained in a vehicle.

“The responsibility to ensure everyone under 16 is properly restrained in the vehicle falls on the driver, and it’s a job they need to take seriously,” said Earl Cameron, Vice President of the Auto Fund. “Wearing a seatbelt won’t prevent a crash, but it can save your life if you do crash.”

SGI recommends people follow these tips to help keep all vehicle occupants safe:

  • Buckle up every time you get in a vehicle and ensure all passengers are properly restrained too. #BuckleUp!
  • The seatbelt should fit securely across the middle of the shoulder and across the hips.
  • Keep babies and kids secure in the appropriate car/booster seat as long as the seat allows. Consult the owner’s manual for guidelines.
  • Ensure you have the right fit. Visit an SGI car seat clinic or book an appointment with a car seat technician your community.
  • Keep children 12 and under safe in the back seat in proper restraints based on age, height and weight.
  • Adjust the vehicle’s head rest so the top is level with the top of the head, to help prevent whiplash.


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View more information on occupant safety, including guidelines around child passenger safety and when it’s safe to move your child from a booster seat to a seatbelt.

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