Zurich’s New Mobile App Enables Customers To Respond Quickly To Environmental Spill Emergencies

Schaumburg, IL (Feb. 19, 2016) – Imagine a diesel fuel truck overturning on an icy and treacherous road or a freight train hauling a chemical tanker suddenly jumping the track. These accidents can lead to hazardous chemical leaks and serious contamination of land and groundwater. Every passing minute counts, as the contaminants can continue to spill into the environment.

Fortunately, Zurich qualified customers in industries that deal with hazardous materials, such as transportation and manufacturing, now have available to them a technological solution to speed up their response to environmental spills.

Zurich, a leading property and casualty insurance provider globally, has launched the new Zurich Environmental Emergency Response (ZEER™) mobile app. ZEER, originally developed for Zurich’s environmental underwriting and claims professionals, in collaboration with Spill Center, Inc.,* an environmental emergency response company, can assist Zurich qualified customers in dealing with any spill that requires emergency environmental cleanup. The new ZEER mobile app can help reduce the time it takes to begin cleanup.

The world is experiencing a huge increase in innovation of various kinds, changing the way we live and work. Zurich is focused on the way these changes are impacting government, businesses, and society as a whole. Zurich is incorporating new technology into its own efforts to increase efficiency and profitability and, in turn, improve the quality of products and services we provide to our customers.

“An accidental spill that results in an environmental hazard is, for most businesses, an extraordinary occurrence. Yet, every business should be prepared for such an event and the ZEER mobile app can help customers mitigate damages and reduce potential liability associated with spills,” said Steve Hatch, Chief Claims Officer for Zurich North America. “The ZEER mobile app will help bring Zurich’s knowledge and insight to customers, at their fingertips.”

ZEER Mobile – Faster, Easier Reporting

Zurich has developed a mobile app for Android, Blackberry and Apple devices. The ZEER mobile app can give customers the ability to report spills from a mobile device immediately at the scene of an incident. In addition, the app can:

  • Give customers access to a 365/24/7 call center for environmental spill consultation,
  • Generate spill reports on behalf of customers, to help meet regulatory requirements to reduce liability exposures and possible penalties,
  • Provide customers with customized, internal alerts for a customer’s crisis management communications,
  • Give customers immediate access to environmental emergency response coordinators with an average of 30 years of experience in handling environmental spills and emergencies.

Other key functionalities of the easy-to-use ZEER mobile app include:

  • The ability to access Zurich’s Emergency Response Coordinator within seconds,
  • The ability to geo-locate the spill requiring emergency environmental cleanup via customer’s mobile device,
  • Immediate upload of critical data for a spill report, such as insurance policy information and spill location,
  • A photo feature and report history.

The ZEER mobile app is available for use in both English and French for customers throughout North America.

To learn more about ZEER, visit zurichna.com/zeer.

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