A Look at the Future of Mobility at CES 2016

TEI/IET Mobility Newsletter

Montreal, QC (Feb. 12, 2016) – The future is coming, and it looks different. The photos collected in this issue illustrate some of the changes we can expect, from updated dashboards to modified windscreens, EVs, drones big and small everywhere, myriad new vehicle designs, assorted alterations and upgrades, and more.

News bits including:

  • Electric vehicle support in Germany, Ontario, Montreal;
  • Stats on driving trends;
  • Car sharing: GM’s Maven, Ford’s VCredit Link, WaiveCar;
  • Ridesharing: Lyft adopts Waze; Edmonton legalizes ridesharing; Uber and Mercedes-Benz; Lyft looks at medical transportation;
  • Stuttgart goes to ridesharing to reduce pollution;
  • Positioning for future mobility – lots of examples;
  • and how many governments want to reap the benefits from testing in their jurisdictions;
  • Driverless integration projects sprung up round the world;
  • What does the consumer think?
  • What’s happening in the insurance space?
  • … and more.

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The Transport Evolution Institute’s goal is to anticipate changes related to the evolution of mobility, to develop optimal strategies for our collective benefit and to act as an instrument for their implementation. For more information, visit teiet.org.

Source: MARCON

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