Post-Holiday Reflections

by Michelle Gurr, Recruiting Consultant, Givelos Partners Search Inc.

Toronto, ON (Feb. 1, 2016) – A new year can bring a wonderful sense of renewal. For many of us, it is a symbolic opportunity to turn over a new leaf. Personally, I think it is a great time to stop and assess your own personal progress. It’s a time to consider what you might want to do differently moving forward. This applies to professional goals as well as personal ones.

I have been fortunate to have had some inspiring mentors throughout my career who have offered excellent advice on goal setting and I wanted to take this opportunity to share some of my favorite strategies with you. Maybe something will jump out at you that make sense for where you are in life and hopefully offer you a way to think about planning for 2016 and beyond.

Personal Leadership

A great way to organize and structure goals for the New Year is to examine the broad areas of your personal life: Physical, Social, Mental, Spiritual, Financial, and Family Life. Look at each category to think about what one or two things within them you would like to improve moving forward. If advancing your career or getting more training in a specific field is one of your goals for 2016, it might fall under the finance section; if you need more work-life balance, it might fall under family.

Write down an objective for each category. Remember to make them realistic, specific and achievable. Share your goals with loved ones. Measure your progress often and make adjustments if necessary. Celebrate your accomplishments and successes.

Stop, Start, and Continue Review

Think about one thing that you would like to “stop” doing in your life. Is this activity something that is no longer useful or adding value to your life? Next think about deeds that you want to “continue” as they keep life moving forward. Now that we have created some spare capacity think about something you want to “start” doing in your life. Then write them all down.

I like this system because it is straightforward and very easy for people to remember their commitments on what they want to stop, start, and continue. This is a great technique for advancing your career at your current employer and maybe something you want to discuss with your boss. See if your list of what you think you should stop, continue, and start aligns with what he or she thinks you need to do to advance your career.

My hope is some of these tips and advice on goal setting will inspire you to set new goals for 2016 and most of all that you end the year being one of the people who make your career goals into realities.

Good luck! And here’s wishing you a prosperous and happy 2016!

About the Author

Michelle Gurr is a well-respected insurance professional with an impressive career as an insurance broker and manager. Michelle has been a key contributor to the industry through her past position as a Territory Director of the IBAO. A York University grad and FCIP designated, Michelle is a valued member of the GPS team.

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