Social Intelligence and LexisNexis Risk Solutions Integrate Social Data with Fraud Prevention Platform

Santa Barbara, CA (Jan. 31, 2016) – Social Intelligence and LexisNexis® Risk Solutions are pleased to announce an expanded relationship that relies on Social Intelligence’s ability to gather, aggregate, analyze and distribute social data to improve fraud detection capabilities via the LexisNexis Accurint® platform.

Social Media Locator, a feature included in the LexisNexis Accurint for Insurance platform since September 2014, will be available for the Accurint platform across several additional markets. By combining the powerful capabilities of both companies, Social Media Locator allows Accurint users to discover an individual’s online presence in real-time, providing actionable intelligence relevant to a wide range of applications.

“We continue to deliver innovations to the market, enabling our customers to efficiently and effectively protect against fraud,” said Mark Luber, Vice President, Data and Analytics, LexisNexis Risk Solutions. “Accurint is widely used in the marketplace as the gold-standard when a company needs a comprehensive view of an individual. We are always looking for ways to further our investment in this popular tool.”

LexisNexis’ Social Media Locator solution provides Accurint users:

  • Instant results via up-to-the-minute intelligence on individuals, organizations, and businesses;
  • Exhaustive searches of hundreds of social networks and millions of websites leaves virtually no stone unturned when it comes to identifying fraudulent claims;
  • Best-in-class analytics that are compliant with all legal and regulatory guidelines and which provide pinpoint accuracy on any search subject; and
  • Organized reports in which information can be sorted, categorized, and listed by relevance and strength of match so that the most pertinent results are not overlooked.

“LexisNexis is an industry leader, and combining our technology and analytics with their risk products creates a compelling solution for Accurint customers,” said Max Drucker, CEO, Social Intelligence. “We look forward to expanding this relationship as Social Intelligence further develops solutions for making social data available and actionable for decision-making processes in every business environment.”

“Insurers and other organizations are challenged with limited resources and boundless data from many sources which must be sorted, prioritized and analyzed,” said Bob McConn, Director, Product Management, Insurance, LexisNexis Risk Solutions. “This tool allows our customers to conduct one simple, efficient search that saves many man hours, instead of searching hundreds of individual sources across the web.”

About Social Intelligence Corp.

Social Intelligence is a new breed of data provider making publicly-available social data actionable via predictive scoring algorithms and SaaS-based search tools for insurance companies. By helping insurers capitalize on the explosion of social data as a resource for better insurance risk assessment, Social Intelligence is widely-recognized as the industry’s de facto source for social media searches, insurance claims investigations, and making insurance relevant to a new generation of insurance consumer. With a dynamic group of more than 50 employees and quickly growing, our focus is on privacy, productivity, and community involvement above everything else. For more information, visit the Social Intelligence website at

About LexisNexis Risk Solutions

LexisNexis Risk Solutions is a leader in providing essential information that helps customers across industries and government predict, assess and manage risk. Combining cutting-edge technology, unique data and advanced analytics, LexisNexis Risk Solutions provides products and services that address evolving client needs in the risk sector while upholding the highest standards of security and privacy. LexisNexis Risk Solutions is part of RELX Group, a world-leading provider of information solutions for professional customers across industries. For more information, visit

Source: LexisNexis Risk Solutions

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