Ontario Municipalities Booking Road Reviews to Help Mitigate Road Liability

Princeton, ON (Jan. 25, 2016) – Municipalities insured through Canadian Managing General Agent Frank Cowan Company are booking road reviews in an effort to reduce road liability frequency and severity. Road reviews are the latest addition to the company’s comprehensive suite of complimentary value added services.

“Motor vehicle accidents and road liability incidents have a large impact on loss ratios which can translate into higher insurance premiums. If we can help municipalities improve road conditions by removing or reducing hazards, we can actively help them manage their largest exposure,” says Larry Ryan, President, Frank Cowan Company.

“We think of ourselves as a municipal business partner. For that reason, we are continually adding new and innovative services that drive down the cost of claims. It’s an advantage of working with a Managing General Agent,” adds Ryan.

Brian Anderson, an experienced municipal roads consultant, is managing the road review service for Frank Cowan Company. He has 42 years’ experience building, maintaining and managing provincial and municipal roads. Brian has been a member of the Ontario Good Roads Association team for many years and facilitated the 2013 revision to Ontario Regulation 239/02 Minimum Maintenance Standards. He has also served on steering committees developing Ontario Traffic Manuals.

Municipal clients can expect the following consulting services:

  • Adequacy of documentation;
  • Compliance to the Ontario Traffic Manual;
  • Compliance to Minimum Maintenance Standards;
  • Adequacy of current policies & procedures;
  • A review of select road segments with a focus on:
    • Stopping sight distances;
    • Required edge lines;
    • Obstacles within the clear zone.

“The fact that this service is available to all Frank Cowan Company clients at no cost is invaluable to municipalities. Most don’t have the budget to hire a consultant and, with an increase in road claim frequency and severity, it’s a service that can help them immensely,” says Barb Szychta, VP, Risk Management Services, Frank Cowan Company.

Frank Cowan Company also offers municipal clients contract reviews, access to a risk management resource library, online claims management software and local, in-house claims handling.

About Frank Cowan Company

Frank Cowan Company is a Canadian leader in providing specialized insurance programs, including risk management and claims services for municipalities and public service, healthcare, education, community, children’s and social service organizations across Canada. Proven industry knowledge, gained through 87 years of partnering with insurance companies and independent brokers, gives Frank Cowan Company the ability to effectively manage the necessary risk, advisory and claims services for both standard and complex issues. Frank Cowan Company’s head office is located in Princeton, Ontario with a branch office in Cambridge, Ontario. Clients and broker partners receive support out of both locations. For additional information about Frank Cowan Company visit www.frankcowan.com.

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