ICTA Nomination: EasyInsure Builds a Partnership with Fleet Customers

2016 ICTA Nomination.

Buying insurance is typically not an activity that would be described as easy. We knew that this perception could be changed through the innovative use of technology. Over the past 8 years we’ve strived to advance the distribution and servicing of insurance for both personal and commercial clients.

Our motto is Insurance Made Easy, and our commitment to it didn’t end with creating Canada’s first online insurance brokerage. Every decision we make is held to this standard. We are committed to making it easy for all clients to find the right insurance product, coverage and price based on their needs.

This unique mindset led to the creation of FleetX. When EasyInsure set out to launch our Fleet Division, we spent countless days researching and educating ourselves on how we could penetrate the market as a new player in a heavily competitive space. We consulted established fleet managers to understand their needs, both from a day-to-day and year to year perspective. In the end, using our digital background and the knowledge we had gained, we came to the conclusion that the fleet insurance industry was in need of a major refresh. This was the birth of FleetX, a revolutionary web-based fleet management system that brings synergy to day-to-day fleet management and real-time insurance binding, issuance and servicing.

FleetX delivers a multi-level platform that has created extensive efficiencies within the brokerage and fleet management office. Standard fleet policy management and data entry can be burdensome and time consuming, with FleetX, EasyInsure has stream lined those antiquated processes and worked them into their client’s day-to-day workflows, resulting in an unparalleled, real-time policy management experience.

Brokerage Benefits:

  • No double entry, the brokers system is updated instantly with details from the fleet manager;
  • Real-time policy changes;
  • Transaction logs – time stamps and identification of who submitted the transaction;
  • Reduction in the time needed to train brokers;
  • Automated bordereau reporting;
  • Embedded binding authority for consistent underwriting and binding approval;
  • Instant policy fulfillment;
  • Scalability – fleetx is designed to handle all of easyinsure’s fleet business, and new fleets can be added by a broker within minutes;
  • Role management – adding or removing users, limiting or granting access as needed;
  • Claims management.

Insurer’s Benefits:

  • Claims department or TPA can be granted limited access to FleetX to review coverage;
  • Remote auditing capabilities;
  • Real-time bordereau availability;
  • Consistency in processes and procedures;
  • Simplified rate changes.

Fleet Management Benefits:

  • Empower front line staff while maintaining quality control;
  • Digital file management;
  • Ownership, lessee/lessor, driver/operator and vehicle logging;
  • Link associated accounts;
  • Intuitive binding process;
  • Automated document generation;
  • Instant certificate issuance, including confirmations sent to requested 3rd parties;
  • Instant liability slip issuance;
  • View detailed history;
  • Claim tracking;
  • Extensive fleet reporting and change logs.

Improving efficiency with better risk management and continuity between all parties leads to enhanced profitability for all. FleetX has positively impacted EasyInsure’s capacity to write more business and effectively manage policies.

The entire EasyInsure team and our Fleet customers are excited about the ongoing innovative development of Fleetx and value its features and the new approach it has allowed them to bring to their everyday lives.

One of our mentors once told us, “If there is an easier way to do things better, it’s probably the right way!”. FleetX has certainly delivered for EasyInsure and will continue to do so as our fleet department grows.


100% of fleet policies are underwritten using FleetX’s intuitive underwriting and binding procedures. With complete flexibility to tweak and modify qualifying risks, maintaining profitability has never been easier.

About EasyInsure

EasyInsure is Canada’s first ever full-service online insurance broker. Since our inception in 2007, by founders Grant Belanger and Leen Meyer, we have experienced significant growth and are now one of the fastest growing insurance brokerages in Canada. Tens of thousands of individuals and businesses have purchased insurance through us. With our focus expanding beyond personal insurance, we also offer a full suite of commercial insurance products. Some of the largest commercial groups in Canada have chosen us for their insurance needs.

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