ICTA Nomination: Promutuel Successfully Tackles the Training For a New Core System

2016 ICTA Nomination.   Technology by V-NEO, Inc. and Guidewire Software.

Promutuel Insurance was faced with the challenge of training 450 employees after updating its operations and business processes across 23 independent mutual associations with more than 100 points of sales distributed across the province of Quebec, Canada. In an effort to reduce costs, improve the learning curve, and at the same time standardize underwriting for its commercial and farm lines of business, Promutuel Insurance, along with its implementation partners V-NEO and eLearning specialist Ellicom, created a new change management strategy and built a global e-learning foundation, CAMPUS.

CAMPUS was developed to help provide remote training on Guidewire PolicyCenter® and eventually ClaimCenter and to communicate new standards to all of its users, not only for underwriters and affiliated agents, but also to every actual and future user of Promutuel Insurance’s systems and processes saving the company significant time and costs.

The new 3-phased training approach, which consists of a gaming concept, e-learning modules, and online exercises, has enabled Promutuel Insurance to:

  • Reduce staff training costs;
  • Reduce the learning curve and establish training best practices for new employees; and
  • Maximize the usage of an online training platform among all internal users.

The training platform, CAMPUS, took six months to implement and went live in March 2015. CAMPUS debuted with an introductory game in which the user has to answer a series of questions in order to obtain the proper weapons needed to kill a mammoth. This is symbolic of the company’s efforts to replace its core systems with more modern technology and “move into the 21st century.”

Promutuel created four other games in which the user needs to answer questions correctly in order to progress. These include Challenge, Crossword, Jeopardy, and Conquest. The objectives behind the games is to get users to understand and master the concepts and risk analysis standards for four distinct elements of commercial policies: property, civil liability, other risk categories and general underwriting information.


  • Reduced training costs of new processes and standards;
  • Reduced deployment costs of new systems;
  • Reduced learning curve and a sustainable training footprint for new employees;
  • More convenient, easier and quicker training due to its web-based approach that leverages self-service capabilities and gamification; and
  • Maximized usage and sharing of an online training platform to all internal users.

About Promotuel

A leader in insurance in Québec, Promutuel Insurance is also a pioneer in insurance. Promutuel Insurance alone has over 160 years of history dedicated to protecting the local population’s assets, which gives it unparalleled expertise in its field.

Promutuel Insurance continues to have strong operations and is well-established in all regions of Québec through its network of 23 mutual insurance associations, which are recognized for their experience in insurance, their economic strength and their social commitment.

Source: Promotuel

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