iA Financial Group Launches its new Version of SecurOption – Lifetime Retirement Income

Quebec City, QC (Dec. 15, 2015) – iA Financial Group (Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc.) is proud to launch the improved version of SecurOption – Lifetime Retirement Income, the guaranteed lifetime retirement income option of its group retirement plans.

SecurOption is a simple, innovative and distinctive option offered in the iA Financial Group’s DPSPs and group RRSPs. It allows members to build guaranteed lifetime retirement income the amount of which is known in advance, through their accumulation plan. The first version of SecurOption made iA Financial Group a leader in group retirement plans offering income security. With its new solution, which provides an increase to the annuity based on the amount as well as the complete integration of data in all its tools, iA Financial Group meets a challenge in terms of innovation and makes the retirement planning process significantly easier for its clients while reducing the risk related to increased longevity.

“SecurOption addresses our clients’ dire need for income security. Many members of defined contribution retirement plans have less tolerance to risks related to financial markets, worry about outliving their savings, and look for new ways to ensure a guaranteed retirement income supplement for their retirement. With SecurOption, our innovative solution, we meet this new needs”, states Renée Laflamme, Executive Vice-President, Group Benefits and Retirement Solutions.

The new version of SecurOption is described in detail at securoption.com/advisor. With this initiative, iA Financial Group demonstrates once again that it offers smart and high-performance solutions as well as superior services in order to build with its clients long-term relationships focused on simplicity.

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