SCM Health Solutions Launches Enhanced iAssess

Toronto, ON (Dec. 9, 2015) – SCM Health Solutions, Canada’s largest medical assessment and health services company, has announced the national release of the enhanced iAssess, one of the industry’s most powerful medical assessment tools.

Designed around rigorous process check points and a centralized file management system, the new iAssess technology platform significantly reduces risk for data loss, and improves access to information and overall file management for assessors and customers.

“Building a platform that provided for optimal file progression, while safeguarding the transparency and accountability of our reporting process was key,” says Karen Seward, President of SCM Health Solutions. “The timing of this system launch is critical given the introduction of The License Appeal Tribunal in 2016, and the pending changes to the Minor Injury Guideline this fall. Both have significant impact for those in our industry and our customers.”

At the same time, the platform has the ability to streamline assessment workflow in an unprecedented way, providing customers and medical assessors a secure portal to access transparent workflow monitoring.

The Customer Portal offers real-time visibility to monitor each step in the assessment referral process, and customers can easily communicate and receive live updates and data from SCH Health Solutions’ clinical managers. Moreover the technology also organizes and manages customer claimant files with clear and simple file categories for easy file identification.

“In a similar fashion, the Assessor Portal is unique to the medical assessor community,” says Dr. Avi Orner, Medical Director at SCM Health Solutions. “It offers medical professionals the ability to securely access medical charts and records from any location. Another key feature is the introduction of a live online scheduling system which allows clinicians to access and modify their schedules in real-time, helping to ensure timely access of services across Canada.”

“Ultimately we built this enhanced iAssess platform to provide a faster, better experience for customers and stakeholders, while remaining true to our need to preserve our integrity and standards of excellence,” continues Seward.

The iAssess system has been implemented and is currently in use by all SCM Health Solutions sub-brands: Cira Medical Services, Sibley, Multi Disciplinary Assessment Centre (MDAC), and Total Rehabilitation Management (trm).

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