Gaining a Competitive Advantage through Claim Analytics

Claims management analytics insight #3

Montreal, QC (Nov. 20, 2015) – There are a number of strategies claim managers can enact to achieve the gains in competitive advantage for their organization.

Having access to insurance analytics can help claim managers:

  • Monitor the effects of appraisal compensation plan objectives on appraisal productivity;
  • Improve relationships with body shops, particularly with affiliates;
  • Monitor the use of OEM versus generic parts.

An insurance analytics solution geared towards claim managers should contain metrics that give visibility into the variance between target objectives and actual results. Knowing the top-performing appraisers, the best (and worst!) performing body shops, or how long it takes to finalize an estimate will boost your day-to-day decision-making abilities and long-term strategic planning.

The key point is that rapid access to actionable information bolsters the claims manager�s ability to set business priorities and plan strategically to gain competitive advantage.

Without insurance analytics, how can gains in competitive advantage even begin to be measured?

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