Applied Systems to Deliver Sales Automation, Market Appetite Capabilities in a Single Application with Applied Epic 2016

Applied Epic 2016 provides integrated market-first capabilities to further automate agency and brokerage operations

University Park, Ill. (Oct. 26, 2015) – Applied Systems has announced the upcoming release of Applied Epic 2016, the fastest-growing agency and brokerage management system, to the U.S. and Canadian marketplaces, at Applied Net 2015. The latest release of Applied Epic will offer additional capabilities to manage benefits and deliver new industry-first capabilities to improve sales pipeline management, measure carrier market appetite for hard-to-place risks, and better automate agency and brokerage operations within a single application. Applied Epic 2016 furthers Applied’s commitment to provide agencies and brokerages a single view of their business and increased connectivity with both their customers and carrier partners.

Applied Epic delivers the most technologically advanced solution to independent insurance agencies and brokerages to enable faster growth and profitability in a changing insurance marketplace. Purpose-built for insurance agencies and brokerages, Applied Epic is a single, integrated and open application that provides essential capabilities for each stakeholder within an agency and brokerage to better manage customer relationships, sales opportunities, financial accounting, and policy and benefits administration across all lines of business, reducing time and expenses spent managing separate, disparate systems. The application offers a comprehensive view of client information and internal operations through an intuitive user interface, enabling users to make more informed decisions about their business and capitalize quickly on new opportunities. Applied Epic’s unique software architecture provides scalability for agencies and brokerages with multiple, global locations to manage expansion and business growth with ease.

Key enhancements in Applied Epic 2016 include:

  • Sales Automation: Epic Sales Automation is the industry’s first fully integrated sales opportunity, pipeline, forecast and activity manager. Through Epic Sales Automation, sales staff can easily view, monitor, track and forecast their sales pipeline – both with their current client base for renewals and cross-sell opportunities, as well as with new prospects. Role-based, intuitive dashboards offer a visual representation of performance against individual sales goals and opportunities. By providing a single view of an organization’s prospects and renewal business within a single application, agencies and brokerages eliminate the need to invest in separate systems to manage sales pipeline.
  • Market Appetite: Market Appetite streamlines carrier risk marketing through an automated search engine that provides a ranked list of U.S. insurance carriers for commercial lines of business at the moment of opportunity. Built into Applied Epic and available on the application’s Home Base, agencies will no longer have to leave their system to manually reference outdated carrier appetite guides or log into multiple websites to determine risk appetite from their carriers. Market Appetite allows agencies to expand their carrier risk appetite search beyond current carrier partners, enabling agencies to find the best markets for their clients to convert more new and renewal business.
  • Expanded Benefits: Building on the industry-first of integrating native benefits functionality within a single, integrated agency management system, Applied Epic 2016 expands benefits capabilities to enable agencies and brokerages to better manage commissions and pre-built custom forms and templates, making it even easier to manage both their P&C and benefits books of business in one application and enhance the ability to cross-sell services across lines of business.
  • Applied CSR24 and Applied MobileProducer Integration Enhancements: Agencies and brokerages can now make carrier Activity Notes or insurer eDocs automatically viewable to clients through Applied CSR24 and users of Applied MobileProducer, improving client servicing capabilities. Through increased connectivity and seamless integration of solutions, agencies and brokerages initiate these common workflows within Applied Epic to enable straight-through processing of insurance information directly from carriers through the agency or brokerage to the insured – with no manual agent/broker activity required.
  • Modern User Interface and Enhanced Usability: Modern navigation, best practice workflows and an overall updated user interface will foster improved productivity and training with Applied Epic 2016. Icons used throughout the system more closely reflect the function they represent and are now consistent across Applied products, streamlining workflows and reducing training time. Applied Epic 2016 will also allow agencies and brokerages to determine client-specific access for each employee within the system, enabling agencies and brokerages to provide the highest level of security and further elevate their role as a trusted advisor.

“Changing customer experience expectations are putting increased pressure on insurance agencies and brokerages to be more effective with their time, requiring a single integrated system to automate operations at each role within an agency or brokerage for greater efficiencies,” said Reid French, chief executive officer, Applied Systems. “Applied Epic 2016 is the first agency and brokerage management system with integrated capabilities for agencies and brokerages to manage sales opportunities and measure carrier risk appetite, enabling agencies and brokerages to more effectively grow current and prospective client business opportunities and expand carrier relationships. By providing a single application with essential capabilities across all roles and multiple lines of business, agencies and brokerages reduce time and cost spent managing difficult integrations and purchasing separate solutions, enabling them to focus more time on selling the business of insurance to drive growth and profitability.”

About Applied Systems

Applied Systems is a leading provider of software that powers the business of insurance. Recognized as a pioneer in insurance automation and data exchange between brokerages, insurers and their clients, Applied is the world’s largest provider of agency and brokerage management systems. Automating the insurance lifecycle for more than 13,000 agencies and brokerages and 450 insurers worldwide, Applied enables millions of people around the world to safeguard and protect what matters most.

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