Is Your Underwriting Team Operating at Maximum Efficiency? 4 Ways to Tell

By Etienne Castonguay, Partner & Co-founder, InEdge

Toronto, ON (Oct. 8, 2015) – Underwriting managers and executives have an intuitive understanding of team productivity. It�s about having the right number of people on duty at the right time, and a dedication to keeping operational costs as low as possible while answering to the total workload.

If they want to keep their underwriting and call center teams and staffing levels optimized, harmonized, and humming along, underwriting managers ought to be able to get quick answers to the following four important underwriting team productivity questions:

  • What is the number of pending transactions?

This information provides underwriting managers with an important predictive measure of upcoming workloads and allows them to prepare the appropriate call center schedules.

  • How many transactions are completed per day?

Combined with information regarding employee availability for the coming weeks, this information helps underwriting managers extrapolate the trend in pending transactions. It is very useful for planning call center workloads and overtime periods.

  • What is the percentage of employee time available for calls for a specific period during the day?

The answer to this particular question allows underwriting managers to balance call center workload with other activities.

  • How many service calls were dropped before being answered by an agent?

Underwriting managers can use this crucial information to keep workloads balanced between teams.

When underwriting managers and executives get the answers to the above four questions they have the tools they need to take underwriting and call center team productivity to the next level. To take the measure of underwriting team performance, managers need quick access to productivity metrics relating to underwriting and call center transaction processing. Because at the managerial level, underwriting team performance and productivity metrics are joined at the hip.

Underwriting managers spend a lot of time fine-tuning call center performance. Getting the right information from their analytics system is now essential.

For details, consult our white paper, Unlocking Underwriting Performance with Analytics.

About the Author

Etienne Castonguay is Partner and Co-founder at InEdge, an insurance Analytics solution provider, where he is responsible for business development and making sure strategies are aligned with the Insurance Industry needs for pre-built Analytics. He has over 25 years of sales and management experience in the distribution of information technology solutions. He previously held various positions with Sybase, Sun Microsystems and Hewlett Packard.

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