Majority of Canadian Drivers Confess to Bad Behaviour Behind the Wheel survey finds speeding is the most confessed bad habit

Cambridge, ON (Aug. 19, 2015) – A new survey from finds that more than 75 per cent of Canadians admit to bad driving behavior, with speeding being the most confessed bad habit.

“While our study shows that most of us are guilty of bad driving behaviours, what’s particularly interesting is the consequences of this aggression,” said Janine White, Vice President, Marketplaces at “Receiving a ticket, getting into a collision, or worse – all which inevitably lead to car insurance hikes, is risky and costly, and just not worth it in the end.”

What are Canadians guilty of doing behind the wheel?

  • Over half (58 per cent) are guilty of speeding, down about two per cent from 2012, when first conducted this study;
  • Using profanity out of frustration with traffic or delays is the second most common bad habit (31 per cent);
  • Following too closely behind other vehicles (22 per cent);
  • Displaying hostile hand gestures towards other drivers is also a common bad behavior, along with yelling at another driver (19 per cent);
  • Drivers also admit to: cutting people off (13 per cent); weaving in and out of traffic (8 per cent); honking excessively at other drivers (7 per cent), and chasing or tailgating other drivers (7 per cent);
  • Generally, men are more likely to engage in these behaviours, while Quebec residents are least likely to do so.

Provincial Breakdown

  • Eighty per cent of Albertans admit to bad driving behaviour, with two-thirds saying they speed;
  • Ontarians are the same – eight in 10 admit to bad driving behaviour, again, speeding is the most common;
  • Quebec residents are the least likely to admit to any bad driving habits (68 per cent vs. 79 per cent for the rest of Canada,). Twenty-five per cent of Quebec drivers claim they are a perfect driver.

While Canadians show marginal improvements, bad driving behaviours remain largely unchanged from three years ago. The only habit that saw a significant drop was the use of profanity out of frustration with traffic or delays, which fell from 39 per cent to 31 per cent, an interesting observation considering traffic congestion is generally increasing across Canada.

“One ticket can have a significant negative impact on your car insurance premiums,” said Janine White. “Become a calmer and safer driver – it will save you money.”

About the Survey

A survey of 1426 Canadian drivers was completed online between July 13 and 16, 2015 using Leger’s online panel, LegerWeb.

A probability sample of the same size would yield a margin of error of +/- 2.5%, 19 times out of 20.

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