E-Signature Partnership Delivers Immediate Win for Ontario Insurance Brokers

In the months following a partnership announcement from IBAO and e-SignLive, dozens of Ontario brokerage offices and hundreds of their clients see the benefits of e-signatures.

Toronto, ON (Aug. 12, 2015) – In January of this year, when the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) and e-SignLive™ by Silanis launched their partnership to offer e-signatures to brokers, they could not have predicted how positive the reaction would be.

“We knew our members wanted e-signature technology and its associated benefits, and in delivering this partnership, we’ve seen significant uptake,” said Michael Brattman, President, IBAO. Several dozen brokerages in Ontario are now offering hundreds of clients the ability to e-sign and complete applications, change requests, new product purchases and other documents completely electronically using e-SignLive. Clients and brokers alike appreciate the ease and convenience of this process.

“Using e-signatures brings us into the 21st century and it’s also how clients want to interact with us,” said Judy Bell, Vice President at Beyond Insurance Brokers in Whitby. “For our clients, using the technology is so simple that they often call back after e-signing and ask if that’s all they need to do!”

The affinity partnership to offer e-signatures to IBAO members has been a success for both organizations. In fact, at a recent IBAO conference young brokers noted a common bottleneck in service when signing client-facing documents. IBAO was able to provide an immediate solution through its relationship with e-SignLive. E-signatures not only resolved the issue, but also significantly improved the process.

“One of our initiatives is going paperless, and using e-signatures to do so was really an ‘aha!’ moment for us,” said Gillian Van Kempen, Managing Director at Best Buy Insurance in Ajax. “Choosing the right vendor was easy because IBAO researched potential e-signature solutions and selected a vendor that could support the unique needs for us as members – we jumped on using e-SignLive right away.”

“Our goal is to provide an exceptional customer experience – the ability to offer immediate customer satisfaction by using e-signature is directly aligned with that. Our clients expect us to serve them how, when and where they want, and e-signatures help us do just that,” said Wendy DaSilva, CEO at Cornerstone Insurance Brokers in Woodbridge.”

Brokers interested in offering their clients the convenience and efficiency of a digital insurance experience can listen in on a panel of electronic signature users that have each taken a unique approach to their projects. Their stories will provide insight on which processes and channels to start with when adding e-signing to a brokerage, what legal and compliance due diligence they undertook, as well as the benefits, results and challenges they have experienced. Find out more here.

About IBAO

The Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario is a ‘not for profit’ association that represents and serves the interests of more than 12,000 independent Property & Casualty Insurance Brokers in the Province of Ontario. For information about IBAO, visit www.ibao.org to receive timely news and information updates.

About e-SignLive™ by Silanis

Businesses of all sizes choose e-SignLive™ by Silanis when electronic signatures matter. With more than 600 million documents processed every year, e-SignLive™ is the most widely used e-signature solution around the world. Thousands of organizations, big and small, including the leading banks, insurers, credit providers, pharmaceutical and government agencies trust e-SignLive as their platform to make business digital. On premise or in the cloud, e-SignLive delivers the best customer experience while improving legal and regulatory compliance. Learn more at www.silanis.com.

Source: Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario