ISB Canada Offers ‘Making Eligibility Easy’ (MEE)

Milton, ON (July 14, 2015) – Hiring qualified eligible drivers is a major challenge to the commercial fleet industry, and by direct inference to their insurance companies. Recruiters need to not only attract drivers, but must then assess and onboard them quickly. Making Eligibility Easy, a service of ISB Canada, is designed to improve that process.

Making Eligibility Easy (MEE) is focused on qualifying and determining the eligibility of drivers faster than ever before. Leveraging automation and best in class screening products, the the MEE system streamlines the collection and analysis of data and provides the recruiter with a summarized report card incorporating their custom hiring. Having already partnered with The Private Motor Trucking Carriers (PMTC) Association, several large fleet clients and key players in the insurance industry MEE is establishing itself as a fixture in the commercial trucking industry.

MEE, a service division of ISB Canada

The MEE platform manages the “end to end” driver qualification process from initial contact, interview management, qualification and hiring. Additionally, the platform can also provide the required non-driver background screening of employees all through the same online portal. The MEE platform is a web-based portal that provides the Company with the following services:

  1. Driver Profile
  2. Interview Management
  3. Driver Qualification Products Selection
  4. Driver / Employee Scorecard
  5. Driver Requalification
  6. Reporting and Analytics
  7. Benefits

To learn more, visit our website at where you can:

  • Hear CEO Michael Thompson describe MEE on an interview by Trucker Radio;
  • Get an understanding of each of the six steps in the process used by MEE .

Ask our team for details or a demonstration today – [email protected].

MEE Driver Qualification System - 6 easy steps to qualify drivers

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