Brokers respond to consumer reality with Keal Mobile App

Toronto, ON (June 12, 2015) – Keal Technology, leaders in broker innovation, have announced plans to release their Keal Mobile application. This application will interact with Keal’s Broker (SIG) and Commercial (COM) Management solutions on the commercial level allowing brokers to create and manage tasks, view active commercial clients and prospects, as well as their submissions and policies. Brokers will be able to create and update transactions, create new opportunities, schedule follow ups and much more.

“Essentially we wanted to deliver freedom to our Broker-Partners,” said Joseph Miserendino, Mobile Architect at Keal. “We wanted to present them with something that allowed them to be in front of their clients and do actual, meaningful business as simply as possible. With this mobile app our brokers can access their clients from SIG and COM, manage their tasks, plan their routes, and insure their risks. The best part is that it communicates back to their BMS in real-time. We’re excited to see this roll out to our Broker-Partners soon.”

Keal has been focused on offering their Broker-Partners the relevant tools to build relationships between them and their consumers. This Mobile Application proves that Keal keeps taking steps in that direction.

“Consumers are demanding immediacy, and brokers are able to deliver using our mobile app,” said Stacey Miranda, Manager of Business Development at Keal. “This solution lets field producers get out and build face to face relationships with clients and prospects, without sacrificing efficiency. New business, policy changes and inquiries can be done anytime anywhere in real time. What a breeze.”

Keal Mobile is currently available in beta testing, with a Q3 release. Keal will have it in the Apple Store for their clients soon after with plans to develop for Android this year.

About Keal

Keal Technology is the expert in Canadian broker innovation and a leader in the BMS (Broker Management Systems) and CMS (Commercial Management Systems) marketplace for insurance and financial services brokers. They offer an integrated suite of products designed to increase revenue through efficient use of technology. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Keal Technology