Ingle International Launches New Insurance Product to Protect the Health of Millions of Visitors to Canada

Go Ahead, Visitors – Discover Canada!

Toronto, ON (June 9, 2015) – Ingle International, a travel health company providing customized insurance solutions, launches Discover Canada: Super Visa and Visitors to Canada Travel Insurance, a new travel plan that is available to the over 17 million visitors to Canada each year.

Ingle International has identified a gap in the travel insurance market that leaves visitors to Canada and Super Visa applicants vulnerable to the high costs of health care in Canada.

“Health care in Canada is expensive,” says Robin Ingle, Chairman of travel and health insurance group the Ingle Group of Companies. “There are common misconceptions about the Canadian health care system and what it will and won’t cover – a non-resident visitor can expect to pay up to $5,000 per day in a hospital and up to three times that for the intensive care unit.”

Ingle’s new plan, Discover Canada, fills the market gap for a travel plan that offers comprehensive assistance, medical services, and care with a wide range of coverage options, up to $1 million. This serves the needs of visitors spending extended time in Canada, including anyone in Canada without GHIP – Super Visa applicants, travelling youth, new immigrants, and returning Canadians. All visitors within these categories require travel and health insurance while in Canada, and it is up to them to make appropriate arrangements prior to their departure.

The timing of this launch aligns with the biggest season for visitors to Canada. According to the Canadian Tourism Commission, over 40% of international visitors arrive in Canada during the summer months. Ingle’s new plan has competitive premiums and a more robust offering compared to other insurers in the marketplace.

“Ingle International is committed to protecting all travellers from around the world, and this new plan will encourage more visitors to sign up for travel health coverage and protect them from the high costs of medical bills while in Canada”, says Ingle.

The Discover Canada plan also opens the doors to older age groups by offering more options to those with stable pre-existing medical conditions, without the need to complete a medical questionnaire. Visitors can enjoy more coverage options at no extra cost:

  • Physical exams
  • Eye exams
  • Vaccines
  • Maternity
  • Psychological care

Intrepid 24/7, a medical health assistance company within the Ingle Group of Companies, is providing the medical, security, claims, and travel assistance services for the Discover Canada plan.

“Having an in-house assistance company allows Ingle to put essential cost containment measures in place and offer a superior service to policy holders,” says Ingle.

Learn more about Discover Canada from Ingle.

About Ingle International

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About Intrepid 24/7

Intrepid 24/7, part of the Ingle Group of Companies, provides worldwide medical, security, and travel assistance services to individuals, groups, and organizations. Multilingual assistance professionals provide members with support over the phone, on the web, or on the ground in the event of a medical or security emergency. Our networks span every continent and are located in 102 countries across the globe. Access to our worldwide networks means our clients are informed, healthy, and protected, wherever they are.

Source: Ingle International Inc.