Aviva’s overland water protection now available for purchase in Ontario and Alberta

Water is beautiful – until it isn’t.

Toronto, ON (June 3, 2015) – Aviva Canada is excited to offer overland water protection for residential property owners and tenants through our network of independent insurance brokers. Our goal is to make Overland Water Protection accessible and affordable for the vast majority of our customers.

The coverage – offered as an add-on to personal property insurance policies that have sewer back-up protection in place – can now be purchased through brokers in Ontario and Alberta, and will be offered in other provinces throughout the rest of 2015.

Overland water protection responds to losses that result from the accumulation or run off of surface waters, including torrential rainfall when water enters the property. It can be added to a wide range of policies, e.g. owners or tenants of houses, condos, rental properties, seasonal properties or secondary properties. The provides more details.

The Overland Water Endorsement forms a key part of the Aviva Water Protection package, which combines base policy water protection (broken water pipes and more), sewer back-up protection (the backing up or escape of water or sewage) and overland water protection.

For more information on Aviva’s Water Protection coverage visit avivawaterprotection.ca.

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Source: Aviva Canada