InEdge Debuts Underwriting Performance Analytics, A New Solution for Property & Casualty Underwriting Executives

Montreal, QC (May 27, 2015) – Insurance Analytics leader InEdge has announced the availability of its Underwriting Performance Analytics™ solution. This turn-key solution utilizes the basic data transactions from an Insurer’s source systems and allows underwriting managers and executives to monitor and fine-tune the performance of underwriting teams in their charge. It presents accurate and reliable metrics for analysis via intuitive visual dashboards and reports. Underwriting Performance Analytics™ joins the InEdge suite of Analytics solutions already serving Property and Casualty insurers of all sizes.

“Underwriters are the public face of property and casualty insurers, and positioned at a critical position in the insurance value chain,” said Etienne Castonguay, Partner and Co-founder at InEdge.”Our new analytics solution gives managers and executives visibility into these teams, and orthogonal metrics for evaluating, guiding and improving team performance.”

The new software solution leverages an insurer’s data asset by transforming basic transactions into rich dashboards that focus on the four analytics categories of greatest interest to underwriting managers and executives: Sales, Productivity, Employee Performance, and Quality of Service. These have been determined to span the range of underwriting operations team responsibilities and related managerial objectives.

For example, the Sales dashboard is designed to help managers set and follow growth objectives for teams, brokers, and product lines. Productivity metrics bring together call center and underwriting transactional information, to assist in short-term decision-making regarding daily, weekly, and monthly workloads. The Quality of Service analytics ensure enterprise standards are followed throughout the underwriting process. The Employee performance area measures the operational efficiency of individual underwriters -– what is an employee’s retention ratio, for example.

The InEdge Underwriting Performance Analytics™ solution is now available and can be deployed in 6 weeks.

About InEdge

InEdge is a leader in Insurance Analytics solutions. Experienced at quickly leveraging data, InEdge seamlessly and powerfully creates business advantage for its clients. Since its creation in 1994, InEdge has designed and implemented some of the most sophisticated analytical applications available today. Our clients add up to an impressive roster of Property & Casualty and Life Insurance companies. Our Analytics solutions improve and make easier decision-making at all levels for our clients.

Source: InEdge