Xcelsia Claims Launched by Xchanging

Third Party Administration (TPA) service for claims management unveiled to London market. First partnership with Canadian TPA, ProFormance, announced.

London (May 21, 2015) – Xchanging plc, the business technology and services provider, is delighted to announce the London market launch of a new global TPA adjusting service – Xcelsia Claims.

A global platform offering global coverage, Xcelsia Claims partners with established TPAs in local territories to combine regional expertise with London market claims handling experience. The service will partner with further established TPAs in new territories over the coming months, combining on the ground expertise with Xchanging�s London market experience and suite of claims management products. The first of these partnerships is with ProFormance Group Insurance Solutions, a local market leading TPA with an in-depth knowledge of the Canadian Insurance Market.

Founded in 2008, ProFormance has 100 years combined experience and in-depth knowledge of the Canadian Market. The company provides TPA services and technical �how to handle� claims training and auditing nationally. ProFormance utilises a network of adjusting firms across Canada and the U.S. enabling them to offer national coverage. This model ensures the best adjuster is appointed to service a client�s needs, regardless of corporate affiliation.

In addition to claims handling services, Xcelsia Claims includes lineage reconciliation for the Canadian market and utilises Verometrix, Xchanging�s third party spend solution. As well as providing a London liaison to ensure right first time borderaux submissions, the service reduces cycle times and provides faster settlement.

�I am delighted to announce our partnership with ProFormance, specialist TPA provider in Canada,� explained Kerry Rainer, Xchanging�s Head of Adjusting and Elective Services. �ProFormance is the first of many partnerships that will be announced over time, as we take Xcelsia Claims into new territories. ProFormance�s specialist TPA claims handling, along with Xchanging�s understanding of the London Market, regulation and reporting, expertise in Lineage and the inclusion of Verometrix, we feel we have something truly different to offer the market.�

�We are excited to announce the launch of Xcelsia Claims into the London market,� explained Sean Allen, VP Sales, Xchanging Insurance Services, North America. �Xchanging with its London market knowledge and ProFormance Group Insurance Solutions with its Canadian network, both with strong reputations, offer a unique TPA solution for the marketplace.�

�Sean and the team at Xchanging have worked hard to bring Xcelsia Claims into the London market and I am very pleased with the outcome,� added Tammie Norn, CEO, ProFormance Goup Insurance Solutions. �Xcelsia Claims is unlike any other solution of its kind, incorporating a well-established specialist TPA, as well as existing London market expertise and best-in-breed products. Customers can be guaranteed quality handling from first notification of loss through to bordereaux reporting, as well as expert management and reconciliation.�

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