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What Opportunities and Threats Will You Be Facing in the Next Decade?

We are launching our theme and content for the 2015 Executive Forum (ICEF2015), and to make this event as valuable as possible, we  want to get some of your feedback in advance so our session presenters can be fully prepared to engage in real dialogue with attendees.

This post will focus on the high level trends and directions that will be discussed on August 31, 2015. We’d really appreciate your taking a brief, three-minute survey to give us your feedback on the topics.

ICEF2015 …

… is the third iteration of our annual forum targeted at senior leaders.  The event serves as a discussion venue for major trends and directions in insurance technology and provides actionable information that can be used in planning and execution of major strategies.  Our time horizon for the trends is 3-10 years.

For ICEF2015, we see that the major trends come with both threats and opportunities.  We’d like your input on the trends at a high level.  In subsequent posts, we will look at the trends, and ask your comments, in more detail.

Specific Impacts

We have confirmed a distinguished faculty who will be providing their points of view.  We will provide more detail on each session in subsequent posts, but would appreciate your telling us whether you see opportunities, threats or both from the following

  • Disruption, Consumers & Technology. In the keynote session, Sharon Ludlow, President Aviva Insurance Company of Canada will discuss her views on who may be disrupted, how the disruption will happen, and the critical role technology will play.
  • Distribution Revolution.  Eileen Greene, Vice President and Partner, Hub International will lead a panel providing insights on demands and alternatives in a rapidly changing environment.
  • The Specialist Channel. Heather Masterson, President Totten Insurance Group, and Sean Murphy, President Lloyds Canada will present their perspectives on the pressures to address new exposures with highly customized solutions and the role new technology plays in creating, mitigating, and financing these risks.
  • The Intelligent Insurance Machine. Celent’s Mike Fitzgerald will pose, and address critical questions driven by new, smart machines, including: Will robots replace knowledge workers in insurance as they have in manufacturing? Can machines do work that we have always assumed must be performed by a human? Will the past promises of artificial intelligence be realized this time?
  • Automotive Technology Impacts on Regulation and Insurance . Catherine Kargas, Vice President, MARCON, will be leading a distinguished panel of experts to look at the next generation of automotive technologies – including autonomous vehicles – and accompanying regulations.
  • Cognitive Computing and Insurance. Anwar Haneef, Financial Services Partner, IBM Watson will discuss the challenges emanating from the rise of big data, the expectations of customers, and demands of highly skilled knowledge workers and the opportunities available from cognitive computing platforms such as IBM’s Watson.

 Please share your thoughts

We’d appreciate your taking no more than 3 minutes to give us your current thoughts on these areas by completing a short survey.  We’d also welcome your comments in the space below.

Last, but not least, we hope you can join us on August 31, 2015.  Full details available here.