Brokerages Across Canada Adopting TLS Email Security

TLS map updated – more than 1,400 brokerages in Canada now using TLS email security

Toronto, ON (May 7, 2015) – The Centre for Study of Insurance Operations (CSIO) is pleased to announce that adoption of Transport Layer Security (TLS), or email Security, among its member brokerages across Canada has increased by 14% for the national average. Since CSIO initially released its TLS Map in November 2014, most provinces have increased TLS adoption among their member brokerages, with Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia all making substantial double-digit percentage increases.

TLS automatically encrypts emails sent between TLS-enabled parties, protecting them against digital security threats. TLS operates invisibly and does not impact the user experience. As of May 2015, CSIO has determined that over 1,400 member brokerages across Canada use TLS. The latest research results have been summarized in an updated TLS Map, which displays the broker TLS adoption percentage for each province.

“It is encouraging to see that adoption of TLS email Security has been steadily increasing among brokerages in most provinces,” states Ian Ferenci, Manager, Technology & Advisory Services at CSIO. “We hope to see that progress continue, so the broker channel can ultimately get as close as possible to 100% adoption of TLS.”

CSIO broker member adoption of TLS email security

The information provided in the map below represents a sample size of data that is representative of the P&C broker community across Canada.

CSIO broker member adoption of TLS email security

Be sure to review the map to see if your province has raised its TLS adoption percentage. Also visit CSIO’s email security homepage for more educational materials on email Security (TLS), including a white paper and a webinar video. Scroll down for an explanatory infographic.

CSIO Email Security Infographic

TLS Email Security - CSIO

Webinar Video

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Source: Centre for Study of Insurance Operations (CSIO)