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TEI/IET Mobility Newsletter

Montreal, QC (Apr. 20, 2015) – The automotive industry has been undergoing dramatic change, and the rate only seems to be increasing. We have all observed new developments and features in the cars we drive and ride in.
The relationship between people and autos, however, seems to be changing even more dramatically. So much of that has been enabled or shaped by the rise of the collaborative technologies – mobile, smartphones, apps, etc.

  • a smartphone for telematics tracking of vehicle use characteristics, instead of a dongle;
  • a smartphone providing GPS capabilities;
  • access to simple ride services such as Uber;
  • easy access to multiple alternative transportation options (bicycle, bus, train, car- sharing, carpooling, taxi, etc.) through services like Moovel so you can optimize your transportation needs;
  • a migration to electric vehicles in some cities by some operators (Bollore, BMW);
  • improvements in work car-pooling, with instances of work car fleets being available to employees on off-hours;
  • extending this option to non-employees in the community.

Most information technology features that previously needed expensive specialized hardware and infrastructure no longer require them. Who needs an onboard GPS now that you can use your smartphone? With millions of apps offering concierge, taxi or even food delivery services, smartphone technology has forever transformed mobility models.

The collaborative economy is more and more popular, thanks to its use of internet and smartphone technologies. By mastering tools to match supply and demand in an instantaneous manner (Uber, et al), it has radically changed the way people use transport services. Collaborative economy services respond to the need for an immediate solution in an original, transparent, simple and structured way.

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