Will Apple’s Mobility Include Autos? – TEI/IET Mobility Newsletter

TEI/IET Mobility Newsletter

Montreal, QC (Mar. 13, 2015) – The rumour is deafening. Despite Apple’s notorious shroud of secrecy, journalists, automotive manufacturers and financial specialists are speculating on what increasingly appears to be Apple’s foray into the world of mobility.

With CarPlay, Apple is already involved in the automotive space, but the attention paid by the heads of some of the world’s leading automotive manufacturing companies at the recent Geneva auto show would seem to indicate that Project Titan is about more than infotainment.

If we are to believe what has been discussed over the last few weeks, by 2020, we should see the fruits of Apple’s labours.

Hold on to your seats because Apple will be disrupting mobility.

Also in this issue, tidbits about:

  • Driverless tech & insurance implications;
  • Insurance of drones;
  • Ride sharing insurance;
  • Google’s insurance play;
  • Ford vehicle for ride sharing;
  • UK: driverless leader?
  • Highly automated vehicle models abound;
  • and more.

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