Hamilton Township Mutual Insurance Company (HTM) and Mutual Concept Computer Group Inc. (MCCG) to develop and implement an Online Quoting Solution

Cobourg, ON (Mar. 13, 2015) – Hamilton Township Mutual Insurance Company has elected to partner with MCCG to develop an Online Quoting Solution.

This joint development project will utilize existing functionality within their Insurance Business Solution (IBS®) implementation, and also leverage HTM’s business knowledge with the web frameworks developed by MCCG to develop and implement a complete quoting solution for HTM’s clients, brokers and policyholders. This will enhance HTM’s existing presence on the web by introducing an easy method for these key stakeholders to obtain quotations for risks as well as lead to further growth opportunities.

“We believe a satisfying customer experience, for broker and consumer alike, initiates with the ease of obtaining a competitive quote through the web,” said Alec Harmer, President and CEO of Hamilton Township Mutual. “This project will help build our web presence and will open the door to further opportunities that will help to generate internal efficiencies at HTM, which in turn helps to reduce the cost of processing and ultimately generates a better value for our mutual policyholders.”

Partnering with MCCG was an easy choice as it helps to eliminate duplication of effort through the implementation of the project,” added Harmer. “Our teams have a great working relationship. We’re looking forward to providing our input into the product design and development, and believe this mutual approach will benefit the broader mutual community. This is one of many web related projects that we believe are essential to servicing the mutual policyholder of tomorrow.”

“We are very pleased to be working with Hamilton Township Mutual Insurance Company on this project,” said Frank Barretto, President and CEO of MCCG. “Their team’s combination of insurance business knowledge, marketing and technical expertise will help us finalize our Online Quoting Solution, which we believe is the first step in enhancing the overall customer experience.”

“Extending the power of the IBS solution out to the web in a secure and client centric manner has been a key goal for our product and community,” added Barretto. “Partnering with HTM will enable us to develop a solution that will improve our speed to market in this crucial area of the customer experience.”

About Hamilton Township Mutual Insurance Company

Hamilton Township Mutual Insurance Company, located in Cobourg Ontario, has been committed to providing great service to its policyholders and broker partners since 1898 by committing to a professional and community based approach. HTM is a strong mutual insurance company, devoted to providing their community with security through superior products and caring professional service. Using long range planning coupled with the use of innovative technology; HTM continues to build strong relationships within their own community and the mutual family.

About MCCG

MCCG is an innovative software provider who has a fully integrated insurance back office solution (IBS) successfully implemented in twenty nine Mutual Insurance Companies across Canada. MCCG has a proven track record that can be attributed to a focus on client requirements and product quality. MCCG, established in 1993, is wholly owned by Canadian Mutual Insurance Companies with the mission of providing comprehensive and flexible solutions for its clients. For more information, visit www.mccg.net.

Source: MCCG

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