Unica Endorses the Ontario Insurance Brokers’ Commercial Auto Insurance Telematics Product

Toronto, ON (Mar. 4, 2015) – Unica Insurance and Independent Broker Resources Inc. (IBRI), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO), are pleased to announce the launch of a commercial auto insurance telematics offering that will deliver significant benefits to Ontario business owners and brokers.

fleetadvisor® is a revolutionary customizable fleet management solution that uses telematics devices installed in commercial vehicles that allow fleet managers to effectively manage fleet risk and reduce operating costs. With the fleet manager’s consent, both Unica and brokers will have viewing access to the drivers’ data. With this consent, effective immediately, fleets utilizing fleetadvisor® are eligible to receive an additional 5% discount on their insurance premium through Unica’s Commercial fleet program.

In addition to Unica’s premium discount, the fleets that implement fleetadvisor® can also reduce operational risk associated with fleet management, reduce administration costs and improve vehicle health. fleetadvisor® includes the provision of an overall driving score for each of their commercial operators to manage and understand driver behavior to improve fleet safety.

“Unica is proud to be the first Ontario insurer to endorse IBRI’s fleetadvisor® telematics solution”, said Dave Smiley, Vice President Operations at Unica. “This Commercial fleet telematics tool is a win win win solution. For business owners, it provides a tangible tool to manage their fleets while benefiting from a 5% insurance premium discount. For insurers, it is a tool that will provide sophisticated data as a means to refine fleet rates. Most importantly, for brokers, fleetadvisor® is a tool that will enable them to solidify client/broker relationships by putting brokers in a position of a true fleet risk management advisor,” added Smiley.

“The IBAO is very pleased with Unica’s decision to endorse fleetadvisor® and we congratulate them on leveraging this advanced technology to the benefit of their policyholders and brokers,” said Michael Brattman, President of the IBAO. “Unica’s decision reinforces their position as a strong supporter of the broker channel.”

Insurance brokers looking to get involved as a distributor of the Unica offering and or fleetadvisor® should email either Kevin Warren, Director of Operations, or Chris Weston, AVP Business Development. Fleet managers can find out more and purchase this technology by speaking with their local independent insurance broker.

About IBAO

The Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) is a ‘not for profit’ association that represents and serves the interests of over 12,000 independent Property & Casualty Insurance Brokers in the Province of Ontario. For information about IBAO, visit www.ibao.org or www.ibao.org/blog to receive timely news and information updates.

About Unica

Founded in 1955 and 100% Dependably Canadian®, Unica Insurance Inc. (Unica) is a subsidiary of La Capitale General Insurance, a major Canadian property & casualty insurer. From its office in Mississauga, Ontario, Unica offers innovative insurance solutions to protect consumers’ homes, vehicles and businesses. Unica strongly believes in the value the broker brings to the insurance transaction and so distributes its products exclusively through a network of professional insurance brokers throughout Ontario.

Source: Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario

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