North America’s first road usage charge program begins in the state of Oregon

Powered by IMS’ DriveSync connected car platform with Sanef ITS road charging infrastructure

Waterloo, ON (Mar. 4, 2015) – Sanef ITS, the operator of intelligent transportation solutions, and Intelligent Mechatronic Systems (IMS), a leading connected car company, have announced that they have been awarded a road usage charge contract by the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT).

Debuting on Oregon’s roadways in July 2015, this distance-based road usage charging program is North America’s first implementation of a mileage-based charging solution. “A natural evolution of our DriveSync® platform, this partnership expands on IMS’ leadership in connected car services such as usage-based insurance (UBI), young driver coaching and more,” commented Dr. Otman Basir, Founder and CEO of IMS.

“We are seeing a growing trend in the number of electric and hybrid vehicles on our roads, which has led to a significant fall in critical gas tax revenues being collected for road maintenance,” said François Gauthey, President of Sanef ITS. “To improve and maintain America’s roadway infrastructure, the transition from a gas tax to a distance-based road usage charge solution is a critical evolution. Moving forward, creating a sustainable but fair system for collecting revenues is essential for future sustainability of critical transportation networks. Sanef ITS America is delighted and looks forward to working with ODOT in contributing to the program with its road usage charging expertise.”

Participants throughout the state of Oregon will have access to road usage charging, beginning July 1, 2015. All light-duty vehicles registered in Oregon are eligible.

ODOT is making the road charging framework available to other states and Canadian provinces. Governments and insurers interested in leveraging this innovative technology solution can visit for more information.

About Intelligent Mechatronic Systems (IMS)

Established in 1999, IMS is a leader in connected car technology that enables drivers to be safer, smarter and greener. The unique approach of converging in-car infotainment, automotive telematics and wireless technology has resulted in an impressive range of solutions. From insurance and government, to fleets and everyday drivers, IMS technology revolutionizes industries. For more information, visit

About Sanef ITS America

Headquartered in New York, Sanef ITS America has successfully deployed toll projects throughout the Americas and around the world. For over 3 decades, Sanef ITS America has been a leader in the design, installation and maintenance of sophisticated Open Road Tolling and Road User Charging systems.

Sanef ITS America is part of the Abertis Group, the world’s leading motorway operator, headquartered in Barcelona, Spain. For more information, visit

About the Oregon Department of Transportation’s Road Usage Charge Program

Oregon’s Senate Bill 810 was the first legislation in the U.S. to establish a road usage charge system for state transportation funding. It authorized ODOT to set up a mileage collection system for volunteer motorists beginning July 1, 2015. ODOT may assess a charge of 1.5 cents per mile for up to 5,000 cars and light duty commercial vehicles and issue a fuels tax credit to those participants. The volunteer program will not be another pilot project but rather the start of an alternate method of generating sustainable revenue to pay for Oregon highways. Find out more about Oregon’s Road Usage Charge Program at

Source: Intelligent Mechatronic Systems Inc.