Canada’s Harsh Weather Ideal For Testing Autonomous Vehicles: TEI/IET Mobility Newsletter

TEI/IET Mobility Newsletter

Montreal, QC (Feb. 21, 2015) – The “driving experience” has been the promo for auto manufacturers for several decades; are they now trying to create a demand for the “self-drive” experience?

The Google car and the Mercedes-Benz F015 are two “autonomous” vehicles authorized to operate on public roads in several American states. Several projects have started or will be started in Europe. CityMobil 2 in which electrical autonomous low speed shuttles are tested in La Rochelle, in France; also, the city of Milton Keynes, in England, will be experimenting with low-speed electric pods. The number sites and projects are multiplying and several countries, states and municipalities wish to become leaders in this field.

In Canada, no project of remotely similar ambition has been concretely defined. With its Nordic climate and its proximity to the United States, Canada is the ideal testing ground for the harshest conditions this technology must be able to face.

We need testing grounds or geographic areas where pilot projects can be undertaken, where vehicles can be tested. We need to encourage those involved in the development of this technology globally to undertake their winter and year-round testing here, attracting research and development activity, ensuring knowledge transfer to our engineers and software developers and setting the groundwork for tomorrow. Will Canada pass on this unique opportunity?

Also in this issue, snippets about:

  • Germany’s A9 autobahn set for driverless;
  • Dutch approve SDCs for public, large-scale testing;
  • UK trials;
  • Ride-sharing insurance products;
  • Sharing … Audi style;
  • Construction upheaval;
  • What will the Apple vehicle be?;
  • The Google / Uber “rift”;
  • Software steering the auto industry;
  • FAA Drone Rules: Delivery is out … for now;
  • and more.

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