SEH Computers acquires Nopper insurance software

Tavistock, ON (Feb. 12, 2015) – Paul Nopper & Associates Inc. is pleased to announce the merger of their Nopper insurance software division with SEH Computer Systems Inc.

The definitive agreement which came into effect on January 1, 2015, ensures long term backup of both DOS and Windows Insurance Program (WIP). It also includes the Nopper Auto Quote engine.

Allan Griwatz and Paul Nopper are excited to inform their clients that this is the most pivotal development in the history of the company which began in 1986.

“After a thorough investigation exploring all options,” Mr. Griwatz said, “we concluded joining the SEH family of Farm Mutual Insurance companies is the best choice for the future of our clients.”

Allan will continue to be the Nopper insurance software’s primary contact person. He will join and work with the SEH development team. Together they will provide support along with the evolution of new ideas and products. Going forward, SEH Titan and WIP will incorporate the best of both programs to evolve into a better system for all.

Allan and Paul are proud of what they have achieved in the past and would like to thank you, their clients, for your continued loyalty.

“Now, together with SEH, we hope to bring stability and sustainability to your future in the insurance business,” Allan concluded.

Allan Griwatz (left) with SEH Computer Systems Inc. President Kevin Remington. (Bill Gladding / Tavistock Gazette)

Allan Griwatz (left) with SEH Computer Systems Inc. President Kevin Remington. (Bill Gladding / Tavistock Gazette)

About SEH Computer Systems Inc.

From humble beginnings as the computer department of a successful farm mutual in southern Ontario, SEH Computer Systems Inc. grew to become one of the best and most complete software systems for Property and Casualty insurers across Canada. SEH continues to successfully address the changing needs of its customers by offering tailored solutions, comprehensive support and active participation in product direction.

We are dedicated to delivering a comprehensive insurance system that fulfills all the requirements of a Property and Casualty insurance company. An uncompromising commitment to user satisfaction and the quality of our product continues to enable us to lead customers into the future they envision for their companies.

It is our vision at SEH to closely partner with our customers by taking a dynamic leadership role in their technological needs and supporting them in what they do best, which is the business of insurance.

Titan is the only software you need to run your Property and Casualty insurance company. Greater than a policy and claims administration system, Titan is an innovative, integrated software solution that forms the core of our suite of products and offers Accounting, Premiums Receivable, Accounts Payable, Investments, Abeyances, Imaging, Notes, and more.

SEH backs its products with ongoing comprehensive technical support.

Source: SEH Computer Systems Inc.

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