ICTA Nomination: Cornerstone Insurance Applies Technology to Measure Customer Engagement

2015 ICTA Nomination.   Technology by Keal Technology and Navicom Inc.

Keal Engage was deployed by CSIB on April 16, 2014. This solution brings Navicom’s proprietary customer measurement system, enVisageCEM, into an automated workflow in Keal’s broker management system (BMS). Through this solution, CSIB is measuring ongoing client engagement in an automated manner.

A renewal (or other) transaction in the BMS automatically triggers an emailed survey to be sent in real time to the client. The survey gathers customer feedback on key areas such as:

  • Customer Engagement – Do customers prefer to do business with you and believe you are different and/or relevant?
  • Overall Performance Levels – How does the broker perform in key areas known to drive long term customer engagement?
  • Broker Channel Preference – Do customers perceive that they are getting superior value by dealing with a broker vs. alternate distribution channels?

Customer feedback on these questions and others allows for the creation of critical broker statistics by category and an overall “Risk Profile” – how likely are customers to continue to renew and refer business to brokers vs. how likely are they to cancel or provide negative testimonials.

The beauty of Keal Engage is that it is one of the rare solutions that brokers can deploy that creates zero impact on their team’s workflows. It is a pure and immediate win with no effort required by front line staff. CSIB saw this and was quick to take action as an early adopter. In the words of Peter DaSilva at CSIB, he loves that this has not added to his team’s workload. The survey and quarterly reporting “just happens!”

Reports are delivered back to CSIB via an online, private and confidential portal offering strategic insights into customer engagement, maximizing renewal and new business potential. Not only is the data collection process fully automated, the custom reports can be tailored right down to the CSR level or individual client level. That means, brokers can use enVisage to understand their competitive risk profile and build value propositions that drive customer engagement. As well, brokers can use enVisage tactically to measure their performance on actions that matter to customers and prioritize areas for improvement.

On a more practical and immediate basis, CSIB can take proactive action on clients that may be detractors, and gain referrals/testimonials from clients offering positive feedback. There is also the potential in the future to provide benchmarking reports against an aggregate of other brokerages using Navicom’s enVisageCEM. Plans are also underway to bring individual customer total risk assessment scoring directly into the customer file in the BMS in real time.

There are big stakes in knowing your client engagement level and this is much more than a “nice to have” solution. With the results from many industry reports continually impressing upon brokers that their customers want to hear from them more often, it is clear that the need to keep in contact and have a handle on where your client engagement sits is only getting more important as the broker distribution channel shrinks. Brokers such as CSIB that recognize this early are well positioned to grow and retain a loyal client base by truly having an accurate and reliable measure of their key strengths and opportunities for improvement. In doing so, they have the tools and the knowledge to take action on those areas that will have the biggest impact to their brokerage, and in real time.


CSIB reports the biggest difference has the steady raise in referrals seen month over month and comparing to prior year figures:

  • Increased client referrals from 97 in April 2014 before we started to 134 in October 2014, a 38% increase.
  • 134 Oct 2014 represents a 16.5% increase over 115 referrals in Oct 2013.

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Cornerstone Insurance Brokers (CSIB) is a forward thinking brokerage headquartered in Woodbridge, Ontario with branch offices in Markham, Barrie and Aurora. Their 90+ employees live in a culture focused on providing an exceptional client experience and delivering the best value in the market. Technology plays an important role in the delivery of CSIB’s commitment to their clients. For more information, visit www.csib.org.

SOURCE: Cornerstone Insurance Brokers