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Have Pity on the ICTA Jury; It’s Your Fault, After All

ICTA-121x57The Technology Awards (ICTA) jurists are good, honest, hard-working people. So why do we treat them so badly? There is really only one reason:  You made us do it.

The least we all can do is take some pity on them and be very kind to them when you seen them in March.

About ICTA

Since 2010, has given out awards annually in celebration of the positive impact of technology implementations on the business of insurance in Canada.

Starting in 2012, an independent jury of executives from insurers, brokerages, associations, and consulting/analyst firms have been charged with all of the decision-making.

And the jury has made great decisions….

Last year the jurists selected winners in three categories

  • Service Provider: a mobile-enabled application, Intrepid 24/7, developed by Ingle International which provides world wide access for insured travellers;
  • Broker: Ives Insurance Brokers Ltd., and its techology supplier, Keal Technology,  for implementation of a consumer self-serviceportal which integrates with the broker’s management system, and
  • Insurer: Travelers Canada which implemented portal technology from OneShield providing brokers point-of-sale quote, bind, and issue capabilities.

The jurors all said the candidates were high quality, and the distance to those behind were measured in centimetres.

Why is 2015 ‘Brutal’?

Feedback we got told us it was great having a juried awards, but folks really wanted one winner overall.  So this year, we consolidated all of the nominations.

In addition, we had a greater total number of nominations, and the jury concurred that for the most part they were very high-calibre.

So, it really is you that is driving the jury (and we’re grateful).

So What’s Next?

After a conference call last week, the jury is now contemplating all of the nominations and will be voting to select nine finalists.  The voting and notification process will be completed by the end of January and we will announce the finalists.

Meanwhile, we are publishing application briefs for all of the nominations on our ICTA 2015 Nominees Webpage

The jury will meet one more time to do a last review on the finalists and will cast one more vote.  The results will be tabulated. an overall winner and two runners up will be selected.

The results will stay secret until they are announced the the ICTA awards ceremony at the 2015 Technology Conference, March 9, 2015.  Registration is now open

There are things for you to do between now and then..

One of the analysts on the jury noted that there were three major categories within the nominations: Core Systems, Telematics/UBI, and Data/Analytics.

You might think about these categories as you look at the webpage.  This is a hint… We’ll explain a little later this month.

Meanwhile, we thank the jurors and congratulate the nominees.

More to come …..