Insurance Frameworks Is Now Offering Panorama 360 to the Consulting and Technology Industry

Quebec City, QC (Jan. 5, 2015) – During the last 18 months, Insurance Frameworks Inc., the provider of possibly the most extensive suite of Insurance and Wealth Management Capability Map, Enterprise Business Architecture Framework, Process and Data Reference Models and Methodologies, has licensed Panorama 360 on a global basis. Panorama 360 is now being used by more than 1,000 licensees in the insurance and wealth management industry.

After such a keen interest in Panorama 360 by the financial industry, Insurance Frameworks has decided to offer Panorama 360 to consulting and technology platforms vendors that want to work with the financial industry by adding value to their products and services. Overall, Panorama 360 can now be licensed either as a set of documents or as part of various technology platforms.

Panorama 360, a business knowledge suite encompassing all lines of business in the financial industry, was developed from working globally with more than 100 insurance and financial services companies. The objective is to make this extensive knowledge available to any organizations interested in planning, designing, developing and managing organizations, business processes and technology in a more effective and efficient manner.

Panorama 360 is comprised of the following intellectual property:

  • Business Capability Map
  • Enterprise Business Framework (extensively documented business functions with an integrated information model and a business integration map)
  • Business Process and Data Reference Models (extensively documented business process models including data models)
    • Customer Management
    • Policy/Contract Management (incl. Distribution, Service Provider, Reinsurance, Product, etc.)
    • Benefit/Claims Management
  • Merger and Acquisition Methodology
  • Project Delivery Maturity Assessment Methodology
  • Market Segmentation and Product Development Methodology

Financial companies, consulting organizations, technology vendors, tool providers to the financial industry can request a Panorama 360 license. For general questions, pricing or to request a license, visit Insurance Frameworks.

About Insurance Frameworks

Insurance Frameworks is the provider of possibly the most extensive set of enterprise business architecture framework, capability map, business process and data reference models and methodologies for the insurance and wealth management industry.

Our mission is to share this knowledge with all types of financial industry organizations including consulting and technology providers so they can more efficiently and effectively plan, design, develop and manage organizations, processes and technology through all types of business and technology projects.

Insurance Frameworks partners with organizations throughout the world to offer training and coaching on the use of Panorama 360’s Insurance and Wealth Management enterprise business framework (Capability Map), business reference models and methodologies. Some of our partners also offer our models on their technology tool sets.

Source: Insurance Frameworks