ICTA Nomination: The Guarantee Cleans Up

2015 ICTA Nomination.   Technology by Spill Centre Inc.

When The Guarantee set out to design a new approach to transportation insurance in 2013, it was done from the ground up. Rather than the traditional method of “one-size-fits-all”, our business model was built entirely around the specific and unique needs of the customer.

Our strategy began by looking at the customer’s business model which became our own business model. We soon realized that rather than trying to be the end provider for multiple solutions, we instead need to become a research partner in analyzing what options are best for each customer’s needs. So we did our research and partnered with key providers to give our customers the best options that bring value added benefits and solutions to positively impact their bottom line.

Spill Center Inc. is our first strategic partner with whom we partnered with, brainstormed ideas and built the Go-To Solution (www.theguaranteegotosolution.com) online incident reporting tool and mobile app to satisfy our business model and customer needs. Once an incident is reported (either online, mobile app, or via phone), a representative from Spill Center contacts the customer within 60 seconds to gather information about the incident and to begin the claims process.

  • If it is an incident involving a spill of hazardous or environmental material, Spill Center specializes in 24-hour emergency resources dedicated to reducing environmental liability. They provide immediate spill management, required documentation and help transportation companies control costs and limit liability from environmental releases.
  • If it is a transportation incident not involving a spill, the information is gathered and our claims team handles the investigation and resolution of the claim.
  • If it is a legal claim, the call gets transferred to one of our strategic partner’s that specializes in Legal Expense insurance. Customers can purchase Legal Expense insurance coverage and also have access to legal advice for common legal issues that can arise from the use of commercial vehicles.
  • If it is a question about our strategic partners, resources are provided to the customer to understand the expertise of each of our partners.

The online incident reporting tool gives transportation customers easy access to our leading-edge partnerships, right at their fingertips! Customers can use this tool to report a claim, create alerts, add distribution lists, find a contractor, and get access to resources from our strategic partners who are experts in smart monitoring, cargo security, online driver training, 24-hour claims and spill reporting, legal expense insurance, identity and data risk management, and credit insurance.

In addition to the online tool, our Go-To Solution mobile app (available on Blackberry, Android, and Apple devices) brings the power of instant communication, user ID and geo-location to our transportation customers. There are five essential buttons in the app which adds to the user functionality of our incident reporting and claims process:

  • Report Incident: Allows the customer to immediately report an incident in real time, especially useful when our transportation customers are on the road.
  • Company Information: Gives the customer a brief description of our Go-To Solution reporting tool as well as the products and services offered by our Guarantee Transportation Solution (GTS) team.
  • View Past Incidents: Allows the customer to view all incidents reported on a map so they can identify trends and visualize loss locations. Using this feature also enables safety managers, drivers, and other authorized personnel to add technical information, location information or even photos to any incident report at any time.
  • Add Photo To Report: Allows the customer to add photos of the incident, spilled materials, and damaged containers or equipment, to the file at the time of loss. This means that responders can bring the right equipment in the right amount to the scene. Also, regulatory authorities and others can have an accurate picture of the damage and the needed response.
  • Call For Assistance: Allows the customer to get in touch with our claims hotline (1-800-847-0959), where we offer 24-hour claim and non-claim incident reporting services.


With a select limited group of broker partners, we have been able to achieve 100% of our customers registering and enrolling on Go-To Solution online tool (The Guarantee employees and website developers are excluded from this data). This continues to grow as we grow our business.

102 Mobile App Downloads:

  • 50 downloads on Blackberry devices
  • 34 downloads on Apple devices
  • 18 downloads on Android devices

Since inception (September 2013) to present, 13 incidents have been reported through our online tool and/or mobile app translating to an average cost savings of approximately $23,000 per customer and growing. This amounts to a grand total of $299,000 average cost savings for all incidents reported within a one-year period. Cost savings are based on comparisons of direct cleanup costs which include labour, equipment, materials and disposal charges for hazardous or environmental releases. This provides a win-win situation for all parties: insurer, customer, and broker.

About The Guarantee

The Guarantee Company of North America (The Guarantee) is a recognized leader in surety and specialty insurance in the North American marketplace. We offer in-depth knowledge and expertise in niche segments, including the transportation industry, construction industry, corporate programs and customized personal insurance. For more information visit www.theguarantee.com.

SOURCE: The Guarantee