ICTA Nomination: The Co-operators En-Route UBI Program Uses Telematics

2015 ICTA Nomination.   Technology by Intelligent Mechatronic Systems (IMS).

The En-Route auto program is a UBI program available to Co-operators auto insurance clients in Ontario. The program tracks driving in real-time and rewards drivers when they practice safe driving habits. Fewer occurrences of sudden braking, rapid acceleration, late driving, and distance travelled increase overall savings.

Drivers who sign up get a participation discount of 5% with the ability to save up to 25% at renewal depending on driving behavior.

En-Route is powered by IMS’s DriveSync connected car platform; IMS worked in lockstep with Co-operators during the program. The En-Route business was successfully launched in record time – under 6 months – as a result of supportive efforts with technology partner IMS.

En-Route has helped Co-operators to grow substantially in Ontario. Sales objectives and targeting objectives have been achieved, and clients are very happy with the program.

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