ICTA Nomination: RSA Constructs a Java Web Component to Reduce Costs, Improve Service

2015 ICTA Nomination.  

RSA has addressed two major internet challenges by developing a Java technology component to their web platform. The eBusiness team started to invest in Java technology in mid-2013, and it was up and running by the beginning of 2014.

Firstly, a front-end framework allows for responsive design so that one web solution is created for all screen sizes. Secondly, RSA’s Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) has a component in the application architecture to abstract the front end and back end application layers. This facilitates the integration of legacy systems, 3rd party sources & applications, reducing the work effort for changes moving forward.

At a business and customer level, the main features include the following:

  • Foundation for Integration: The technology is used to integrate various systems, old and new, providing the customer with a seamless experience.
  • Future Proofing: Because Java connects to RSA’s ESB, it can connect with many different applications, whilst being unknown to the customer.
  • Better Customer Experience: customers can access tool from any type of device (responsive); customers are now able to purchase product online.

This Java component has been used to advantage in numerous cases in 2014. Examples include:

  • Johnson Quote: Java technology connects the front end data to the ESB and Johnson’s policy administrative system which generates auto insurance quotes. A customer can now go onto Johnson.ca and retrieve an auto insurance insurance quote online at Johnson.ca.
  • RSA Travel Quote: Java technology connects the front end data to the ESB and RSA Travel’s policy system which generates a travel insurance quote and which also allowed the customer to purchase online. A customer seeking travel insurance can now get a travel insurance quote and purchase online from any device they choose, smartphone, tablet or desktop at rsatravelinsurance.com.
  • Air Miles Registration: Java technology connects the ESB to RSA’s policy systems. A client who wants to register their Air Miles number to their personal or commercial insurance policy can do so through an online form available on rsagroup.ca, without the need to call or go through their Broker.
  • Broker Service: Java technology connects various Broker Management Systems to the ESB and then to RSA’s policy system, allowing the Broker to enter a client’s risk profile to see if they are eligible for a discount.

Benefits to RSA internally are threefold:

(1) Reduction in costs:

  • Based on open-source products;
  • Create one application which serves multiple platforms for a responsive design vs. creating multiple applications for various platforms;
  • Decrease the number of developers needed to produce outputs and/or reduce the development time and cost.

(2) Create Efficiencies:

  • Develop one code base for multiple technologies & protocols;
  • Developed a framework so that the technology can be applied on other projects quickly, which can increase speed to market and decrease development time;
  • Can serve 3rd parties in a more time & cost efficient manner.

(3) Industry-Leading:

  • RSA is one of the first Canadian insurers to have implemented this technology and to be actively using it.

For users, it means the following:

  • Online Self-Service is being implemented more quickly so that customers can go online and get an insurance quote, for an example.
  • Responsive design allows customers across all screen sizes and devices from mobile to desktop to access the services where and when they choose.
  • Faster response times from the system for the various services improve the customer experience.

About RSA

RSA Canada is Canada’s third largest property & casualty insurance company, with the broadest national personal and commercial lines proposition. For more information, please visit www.rsagroup.ca.