Charges laid in alleged fraudulent automobile claim

Anonymous tipsters applauded for thwarting fraud

Toronto, ON (Dec. 23, 2014) – “Aviva Canada is extremely grateful to two callers to our Fraud Information Centre,” stated Gordon Rasbach, Vice President of Aviva Canada’s Anti-Fraud unit. “The influx of public tips like these really highlights the concern of consumers in protecting their insurance rates.”

On February 14, 2014, Aviva Canada’s Fraud Information Centre received an anonymous tip about a collision involving Aviva Canada policyholder Brenda Trembley. The caller indicated that Ms. Trembley was not driving her vehicle at the time of the collision, contrary to her report to the Hamilton Police Service and Aviva Canada. She was covering for her uninsured daughter, the actual driver. During the course of Aviva Canada’s investigation into the matter, another tip was received by the Fraud Information Centre. The caller validated the original anonymous tip and explained that her motivation for calling was that “good, upstanding people who follow the rules shouldn’t have to pay for people like Brenda Trembley.”

Aviva Canada’s investigation revealed that Ms. Trembley was not the driver at the time of collision and that she had coerced the driver of the other vehicle involved into going along with her story to cover for her uninsured daughter. Furthermore, in order to obtain a cheaper premium, Ms. Trembley had committed underwriting fraud by deliberately not disclosing that her daughter, a licensed driver, resided in her household.

In July 2014, after completing its investigation, Aviva Canada provided the office of the Chief of Police in Hamilton, ON with its findings. Today, Aviva Canada commends the Hamilton Police Service for investigating and laying charges. On December 5, 2014, Brenda Trembley, age 49, of Ancaster, Ontario was charged with Obstructing Justice and Fraud Over $5,000. She is scheduled to appear before a Hamilton court on January 15, 2015.

“We’re urging the public to be aware of those who may attempt to involve you in a potential fraud for their own selfish interests,” continued Rasbach. “We frequently learn of attempts to falsify collision loss details when reported. It’s usually someone who has something to lose, as in this case, or alternatively, something to gain when it’s facilitated by disreputable automotive repair facilities and tow truck operators. What can seem like participating in someone’s white lie at the time may ultimately implicate you in criminal activity.”

Aviva Canada has zero tolerance for anyone who is found to be committing fraud. Aviva will work with public authorities and pursue charges in any instance where we uncover fraudulent activity. This is part of our commitment to curbing insurance fraud to protecting the policy premiums of our customers.

Building on already strong capabilities, Aviva Canada has stepped up its tough approach to tackling fraud with more dedicated resources and an investment in technology that aims to identify fraud. With an industry-leading anti-fraud team in place, plus solid public sector and industry collaboration, Aviva is well positioned to combat insurance fraud which is estimated at over $1.6 billion dollars annually.

Help protect affordable insurance premiums for all Canadians by reporting potential fraud to Aviva Canada’s Fraud Information Centre – open 24/7.

Call the hotline at 1-855-332-5255 or email [email protected].

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SOURCE: Aviva Canada Inc.