ICTA Nomination: SPLICE Improves Claims Communications

2015 ICTA Nomination.  

SPLICE Automotive Claims Status Updates create an enhanced customer experience and streamlined communication between an insurance company and their clients. This SPLICE solution utilizes software that revolutionizes automated voice messaging. The SPLICE solution is built to marry seamlessly with the insurers’ current Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System.

With a Smart Transfer – otherwise known as a telematics and data-driven Hot Transfer – the audience is given the tools to connect to the nearest preferred automotive vendor to book their body work as part of the claims process. Based on the claimant’s area code, the SPLICE technology is able to easily identify the client’s geographic location, which is then compared to the locations of all the Insurance companies preferred vendors. A match is then completed by which the client is provided with a list of the three to five closest automotive vendors. The listener is then given the option to simply press a dial key (touch tones 1-5) to be transferred and live connected with the chosen vendor. Once connected, the client is able to book their vehicle for the necessary auto body work, thus, fulfilling the claims process. The Smart and Hot Transfers will streamline this customer interaction, as it provides a simple procedure for the user to fulfill a call-to-action.

The system also streamlines the communication between the Insurer and the Preferred Vendors in that it allows for all of the necessary information (Insurer, Claim Number, etc.) to be transferred to the Vendor with the call. This allows for easy management of the claim on the processing side as well. On the flip side, once the customer has chosen their Vendor, the chosen vendor is provided back to the Insurer to update their claim data. The full front and back data transfer creates a streamlined experience across all three parties.

Besides the obvious time savings that exist for all parties, a huge benefit of this system is the maintenance of a consistent brand experience. Because all of the data is being real-time updated between each group, the opportunity for frustration when one party doesn’t have all the data is practically eliminated. One of the primary factors in choosing and staying with an Insurer is trust, and this system allows for that trust to be created.

On the topic of trust, certain channels are more effective at maintaining higher levels of trust. The written word is easy to misinterpret – both reasonably and emotionally. By using real human voice notifications for this program, SPLICE is able to 1) reflect accurate branding for the Insurer and 2) create a message that is sincere and trustworthy. Add this to the benefits of the streamlined data transfer, and you have a winning combination.

Overall, SPLICE Automotive Claims Status Updates foster an ongoing customer relationship between the insurer and the insured. Delivering information is, and should always remain, an interactive experience. When a business does this correctly, an ongoing positive relationship will result. Although the insurer isn’t delivering this claim notification face-to-face, they are communicating in a way that engages and interacts with their customer through the human voice. An insurer known for connecting with clients on a personal level will have greater success in maintaining and attracting new customers.

Communicating with clients though interactive voice messaging will not only streamline communication and foster relationships – it will garner attention and extend the insurers reach. The personalized features, driven by customers’ small data, will captivate listeners and allow them to complete a call-to-action more often than any other channel. This will result in maximized profit and contact rates. In practice, the SPLICE Claims Status Updates empower insurers with five times the reach, in half the time with double the results.


SPLICE Automotive Claims Status Updates have a proven record of generating impactful results and reducing customer frustration while completing a claims process. For the insurer, SPLICE solutions result in a 5 percent reduction in inbound call volume – reducing costs and increasing profit. We have also seen an average percent increase in customer engagement following the status update of 24%. Outbound call campaigns result in a 98 percent reach rate on average – significantly higher than the 18 percent reach rate for email, and 6 percent for direct mail.

About SPLICE Software

SPLICE Software optimizes automated customer communications with our patent-pending human voice software. For more information, please visit www.splicesoftware.com.

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